AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-02-02Add basic TLS server support in OpenTLSContextHEADmasterTobias Markmann
2018-02-02Add support for extracting certificate chain from PEM stringTobias Markmann
2018-01-30Modernize OpenSSL crypto backendTobias Markmann
2018-01-29Mark OpenSSL headers as system includesTobias Markmann
2017-11-10Fix typo in commentTobias Markmann
2017-11-07Analytics for translationsEdwin Mons
2017-10-30Sluift: Add support for Lua 5.3Roger Planas
2017-10-26Sluift: Add shortcut for get disco_info to componentsRoger Planas
2017-10-02Fix Code According to New clang warning (-Wobjc-messaging-id)Tobias Markmann
2017-07-24Add Channel Join and Leave Capability to MIXTarun Gupta
2017-07-18Add MIXUpdateSubscription Element, its Parser and SerializerTarun Gupta
2017-07-14Add MIXRegisterNick Element, its Parser and SerializerTarun Gupta
2017-07-14Get rid of plural(s)Edwin Mons
2017-07-13Fix LRUCache documentationTobias Markmann
2017-07-13Remove Swiften/Base/Override.hTobias Markmann
2017-07-12Add MIXSetNick Element, its Parser and SerializerTarun Gupta
2017-07-11Add missing SWIFTEN_OVERRIDE statements to dtorsTobias Markmann
2017-07-11Add MIXPayload, its Parser and SerializerTarun Gupta
2017-07-07Make std:: make_unique available in gcc with c++11Joanna Hulboj
2017-07-07Add support for authorization identity in SASL EXTERNALAlexey Melnikov
2017-07-07Make gtest output more compactThanos Doukoudakis
2017-07-07Update namespace for MIX ElementsTarun Gupta
2017-07-06Adds MIXLeave Element, its Parser and Serializerswift-5.0alphaTarun Gupta
2017-07-06Fix a crash that occurs when resizing chat layoutThanos Doukoudakis
2017-07-05Adds MIXUserPreference Element, its Parser and SerializerTarun Gupta
2017-07-04Sluift: Add extensions support to disco#info queriesRoger Planas
2017-07-03Adds MIX Create Element, its Parser and SerializerTarun Gupta
2017-06-26Adds MIX Join Element, its Parser and Serializer.Tarun Gupta
2017-06-26Fix FileWriteBytestreamTest under WindowsVitaly Takmazov
2017-06-26Use separate jobs in CircleCI for coala, clang and gccTobias Markmann
2017-06-26Use size_t instead of int in SpellParser::PositionPairTobias Markmann
2017-06-26Fix compiler warnings raise by Clang on LinuxTobias Markmann
2017-06-26Remove unneeded forward declarations from Swiften headersTobias Markmann
2017-06-25Adds MIX Destroy Element, its Parser and Serializer.Tarun Gupta
2017-06-22Add missing SWIFTEN_API declarationsVitaly Takmazov
2017-06-22Handle badly-formed labels catalogueThanos Doukoudakis
2017-06-22Add missing SWIFTEN_API annotationTobias Markmann
2017-06-21Add CircleCI configuration for basic GitHub PR checksTobias Markmann
2017-06-21Add Coala config for whitespace checkingTobias Markmann
2017-06-21Fix compiler warningsKevin Smith
2017-06-20Update 3rdParty/Expat to version 2.2.1Tobias Markmann
2017-06-19Don't crash when SSL_new failsAlexey Melnikov
2017-06-18Adds MIX Participant Element, its Parsers and Serializers.Tarun Gupta
2017-06-16Add scripts that test Debian packagesThanos Doukoudakis
2017-06-14Update for CentOS 6 supportTobias Markmann
2017-06-13Add for Linux packaging as AppImageTobias Markmann
2017-06-12Add new openSUSE distro identifierMichael Vetter
2017-06-02Update German translationThilo Cestonaro
2017-05-22Close changelog for Swift 4.0 RC2swift-4.0rc2Tobias Markmann
2017-05-19Only apply impromptu chat title style to impromptu chatsTobias Markmann