Swift 1.0 Beta3


This is the third beta (preview) release of Swift, and it is in no way final or feature-complete. The aim of this release is to gain help from the wider community in guiding Swift forward: primarily, we'd like feedback from you as to what needs to be done now, and also to find any issues - either technical or in usability - with what we've already done. This isn't a final release, so you shouldn't download it unless you're willing to find issues in it, and report them back to us so we can improve it.


First, the screenshots:


Comments can be sent to the mailing list at http://swift.im/lists/mailman/listinfo/swift-users, and we have a chat room at swift@rooms.swift.im. It will be very useful if people trying the beta can keep notes on what they find for a couple of days and then send a summary email to the mailing list so we can gauge people's thoughts.


Swift is trying to plug a hole in the XMPP client landscape, and has these aims.

  • Wide platform availability.
  • Doing the "Right Thing" for the user, without configuration.
  • Doing the "Right Thing" with standards-compliance.
  • Targetting the end-users, not the system administrators.
  • Being an XMPP client - not multi-protocol.
  • Concentrating on the most frequently performed tasks.
  • Never interrupt the user with something that doesn't need attention.

Features of interest

This is a beta, but Swift already has some interesting features.

  • Easy status setting (and plans to make it better).
  • Easy room joining and bookmarking.
  • XEP-0258 Labelling for secure environments.
  • Stream compression for bandwidth-saving.
  • Support for the new SCRAM authentication mechanism.


These are the changes since 1.0-beta2:

  • Small fixes

Known issues

As this is a beta release, there are known issues and features that you might expect to be present that aren't:

  • Graphical/Rendering glitches.
  • The system tray icon doesn't reflect the current status.
  • You cannot change your avatar.
  • You cannot rename or regroup contacts after they're added.
  • The system tray behaviour on Macs is unexpectedly Windows-like.
  • The Windows installer doesn't detect running Swifts, and sometimes suggests the wrong Start menu group.
  • If you add a room bookmark before the server has returned your existing bookmarks, the server ones may be replaced with the new one.
  • Servers with themselves in their service discovery results may cause the room finder to loop.
  • Status messages are sometimes lost on reconnect after server errors.
  • You cannot create new rooms.
  • In some cases, roster edits from another client running alongside cause the entries to not appear until they change presence.
  • The incoming message sound doesn't play on Linux.


We currently have versions available for Windows and Mac:


The source code for Swift and the underlying Swiften XMPP library are available from the Git repository at http://swift.im/git/swift. Instructions for building the source code can be found in Documentation/BuildingOnUnix.txt and Documentation/BuildingOnWindows.txt.

The source for this release is available under the GNU General Public License version 3.