Swift is a free cross-platform (Windows, Linux, Mac) XMPP client written and contributed to by a range of XMPP experts. It is designed to be fast and easy to use and it provides features useful to end users across a range of deployments, including military, corporate and personal use, taking advantage of the latest developments in the XMPP standards community (in which the developers are heavily involved).

Get Swift

The current version of Swift is available from the Download page.


Swift is trying to plug a hole in the XMPP client landscape and aims to:

Features of interest


Swift is released under the “GPLv3” open source licence (details within the released packages and source) and is free to use, as published, in any deployment. This licence grants you the right to make changes to the application but places restrictions and responsibilities upon you when publishing these changes. If you require a less restrictive licence for making changes to Swift, please get in contact with us for discussion of commercial licensing opportunities.


Please see the Support page for details of the available free and commercial support venues.