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Fix detection of vertical scroll bar position in chat views
Chat views are expected to remember the scroll position. If the user scrolled all the way down, the view should keep scrolled all the way down, even if the windows is resized, new messages are added or the user enters a multi line message in the message input box. Qt WebKit only provides reliable scroll position updates in their web environment. This requires to have scroll changes call a JS hook that calls our C++ signal. Test-Information: Tested and verified the following cases for correct behavior: * entering a multi line message keeping the view scrolled down * resizing the window and keeping it scrolled down * receiving messages and the view keeps being scrolled down * verified that view does not scroll down if it is not yet on resize of the window, entering multi line messages, and receiving new messages Change-Id: I579a07d0b073c34e7a46b0fde1bc09f3da08d5da
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