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authorMili Verma <>2015-07-06 14:10:25 (GMT)
committerKevin Smith <>2015-07-07 10:49:49 (GMT)
commitf10c9618f8ccd9e44c9a45a69179883b39a445f5 (patch)
treec22b7ddfaa5aaba08edb1ae62650a45dce6af9e7 /Swiften/TLS/Schannel/SchannelContextFactory.h
parent88e392fd98a1d49d787860f4b504a01f082c6ae6 (diff)
Add hidden option to prevent disconnect when smartcard removed
This patch adds an option 'disconnectOnCardRemoval' to system-settings.xml which when set to false allows the user's session to stay connected if the smartcard is removed. The default value of this option is true if it is not specified. Test-information: Tested on Windows using NIST smartcards. Tested true and false values set for this option in the file and also when option is not specified (true). Unit tests pass. Change-Id: I7e421b4153ff7d3000f41999add20d339076c96e
Diffstat (limited to 'Swiften/TLS/Schannel/SchannelContextFactory.h')
1 files changed, 3 insertions, 0 deletions
diff --git a/Swiften/TLS/Schannel/SchannelContextFactory.h b/Swiften/TLS/Schannel/SchannelContextFactory.h
index 789d15f..27b7dc9 100644
--- a/Swiften/TLS/Schannel/SchannelContextFactory.h
+++ b/Swiften/TLS/Schannel/SchannelContextFactory.h
@@ -24,7 +24,10 @@ namespace Swift {
virtual void setCheckCertificateRevocation(bool b);
+ virtual void setDisconnectOnCardRemoval(bool b);
bool checkCertificateRevocation;
+ bool disconnectOnCardRemoval;