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2017-01-11Integrate googletest and googlemock libraries to 3rdPartyTobias Markmann
googletest and googlemock from release 1.8.0 have been copied to the 3rdParty folder. With this commit tests for Swift project can also written using googletest and googlemock APIs. The test runners will execute test suites written to either test library. Passing —-xml to a test runner will now create two test report XML files, namely $programName-report.cppunit.xml and $programName-report.gtest.xml. The ByteArrayTest has been converted to use googletest instead of googlemock to serve as an example and test the integration. Test-Information: Build all tests via ‘./scons test=all’ and verified all tests are run. Build all tests via ‘./scons test=all checker_report=1’ and verified that two report XML files are generated per test runner executed. Change-Id: I81a9fb2c7ea5612fc1b34eef70ed7e711bfeea81