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2014-01-18Sluift: Refactor global debug & timeout options.Remko Tronçon
Use regular table values on the sluift table. Enable enabling tracing on a client after the fact. Change-Id: Iaa2bea61bdadf0b8dec4951654c402b7133c1151
2014-01-18Sluift: Allow blocking calls to be interrupted.Remko Tronçon
Change-Id: I3755e796fbddc038022bbf543c7b1c0529a9b0f9
2014-01-15Improved plaintext chat view for screen-reader support.Richard Maudsley
Change-Id: Ib7c10350b56683db95f4c6be49f79f8a9d9e80ec
2014-01-11Fix screenreader rendering, and bump Windows builds to Qt-5.2Kevin Smith
Change-Id: I4709c5fb3924a527c2ed03ed5ca36747f3031f4c
2014-01-11Allow TLS other than version 1Kevin Smith
Change-Id: I1ffb6d9eabfb36c0101ee19c0cd618736d8a8bb8
2014-01-11Disable PCH buildsRemko Tronçon
Change-Id: Ibf879f65e80561a9f9853fd5af3ca09331bf94cc
2014-01-03Post NAT Traversal query results to the event loop.Remko Tronçon
Change-Id: I0d61991721a5cb04b3b37784e30161531a945d61
2014-01-03Sluift: Add with() functionRemko Tronçon
Change-Id: Ife0a7748c2b354017bec5cfdddb0d096950dd15b
2014-01-03Sluift: Document some more elementsRemko Tronçon
Change-Id: I2a755500f0fe88bbea5594ce858bc92dccc34805
2014-01-03Sluift: Add help supportRemko Tronçon
Provide a 'help' function that takes a table/function, and prints help for it. A structured representation can be retrieved through 'get_help'. Change-Id: I2b3ce8992943ef30cee2604fba9200feed263fa5
2014-01-03Sluift: Custom console/interpreterRemko Tronçon
- Prints results of each command (if it can be interpreted as an expression) - Stores results of last command in _1, _2, ... - Supports tab completion - Compatible with Lua 5.2 Other changes: - Add support for specifying custom editline library - Don't load sluift into global namespace. Tab completion should be convenient enough. Change-Id: I2a26346469d67c281d09d47cacaa0b267f5ea9f9
2013-12-27Sluift: RefactoringRemko Tronçon
- Rename boot.lua to core.lua - Support Lua 5.2 - Support version prefixes for sluift module - Add Client:process_events Change-Id: I3fa6d06d1dbdf86f65b9f4203bd2ec5b5526b104
2013-12-27Sluift: Use implicit self in function definitionsRemko Tronçon
Change-Id: Ie981168debc68756c7c7dfd89f24acfc7d69a995
2013-12-27Sluift: tprint() enhancementsRemko Tronçon
- Support recursive tables - Print functions Change-Id: Ic226243bdacc9da90b8b1e55c78311247e663af3
2013-12-27Sluift: Import sluift into global namespaceRemko Tronçon
Change-Id: I783ab0dc7bf46cc02ed4244a5078f6ec040fefb7
2013-12-27Sluift: Add utility functionsRemko Tronçon
New functions: - IDN functions - UUID generator Change-Id: I051dcad32c21107d90b4491b240814f8cf56925d
2013-12-27Sluift: Add message_type to message eventRoger Planas
Change-Id: I156b4cbec401918377af5fd8f21c9845f665b4cb
2013-12-23Sluift: Fix create_submission dropping values from multi fieldsRemko Tronçon
Form->Lua conversion no longer relies on the type to decide how to convert values, and blindly converts value arrays. This also fixes issues if Sluift would be used on the receiving side of a form. Change-Id: I92c346795e1c67c74ccf542d16f79fe8010508f7
2013-12-18Add affiliations to tooltips for MUC occupant lists.Richard Maudsley
Also extracts MUC into an interface and MUCImpl the existing implementation, adds a MockMUC for using in unit tests, and adds unit tests for the MUCController changes. Change-Id: I25034384f59d3c274c46ffc37b2d1ae60ec660f4
2013-12-15Sluift: Fix default values for port and host for connectRoger Planas
Change-Id: Ia19e0a3763005df7fb7db6b57841d6559f74ef46
2013-12-08Wordsmithing of previous patchKevin Smith
Change-Id: I9b56a13e3fa01bb5780b4293b5fe51b72e218032
2013-12-08Enable domain-wise (un-)blocking.Tobias Markmann
Change-Id: I88611bead558ccb58bec8d55372f847479e745ff License: This patch is BSD-licensed, see Documentation/Licenses/BSD-simplified.txt for details.
2013-12-08Move all RosterItemOperations to Swift/Controllers/Roster/ItemOperations and ↵Tobias Markmann
cleanup related includes. Change-Id: I20b8c347dd6f250f7ca426f8eb4e0093e226de5f License: This patch is BSD-licensed, see Documentation/Licenses/BSD-simplified.txt for details.
2013-12-08Convert Roster::setAvailableFeatures() and Roster::setBlockedState() to ↵Tobias Markmann
RosterItemOperations. Change-Id: I67943bd50ca9eb4ae53e1acefbea1c7b67684cc9 License: This patch is BSD-licensed, see Documentation/Licenses/BSD-simplified.txt for details.
2013-11-27Add presence_type to presence eventEdwin Mons
Change-Id: I3de5cd5ce1d84d6ce6a4b02af939ed5e0eb721f0
2013-11-25When in screen-reader mode, change the text used in rosters to include more ↵Kevin Smith
information. Change-Id: I8807b2ce6d36dbce510a185f0e4e2c549c623225
2013-11-22Use a combobox instead of tabs for mainwindow selection.Kevin Smith
I'm told that currently Qt isn't correctly showing which tab is selected over MSAA. By providing a different widget it should make screen readers happier. Change-Id: I1f14967fa2f314418417ac5891e9c79f60ac59ef
2013-11-22Make chat tabs reorderable.Kevin Smith
I had no idea this was available in Qt now - and it's been there since 4.5! Change-Id: I537e2e81947e1741bab61d38d0484f10229a6808
2013-11-22Provide an MSAA name for the chat log.Kevin Smith
Also introduces a screenreader option ready for later patches. Change-Id: I30cff418c0c557f0c7f97f47a8493c77a2b68159
2013-11-19Sluift: fix debug output for BOSH connectionsEdwin Mons
Change-Id: I0bf798200e5e74e682eeab688f3ae79e49c73ed2
2013-11-19Sluift: add allow_plain_without_tls client optionEdwin Mons
Change-Id: Ieef0e455bb13e9ee38d583bee87ebb7e506bd00c
2013-11-18Sluift: add bosh_url client optionEdwin Mons
Change-Id: I42b14f411531f8814bbb85f3941772a4149c4171
2013-11-18Update dummy implementations to current APIKevin Smith
Change-Id: Iff64972fc9127851d4cc81e1177d78132f27ad3b
2013-11-18Improve tooltips to include avatars, last seen and vcard information.Tobias Markmann
Change-Id: I3768d9891ba903c5e2ce8217de0b4413ce40bb9a License: This patch is BSD-licensed, see Documentation/Licenses/BSD-simplified.txt for details.
2013-11-10Sluift: Use 'value' instead of 'values' for multi-value fieldsRemko Tronçon
Change-Id: Ie8d6bd4b732dd57cd4dc5ba63a9f6f6148348b2a
2013-11-10Make Ctrl-K to delete to end of the line in chat input.Kevin Smith
Change-Id: I04f34018fd99c687a41724d7a32d2b640757359f
2013-11-08Improve some access for screen readers.Kevin Smith
Includes the start of a very ugly plain text chat log Change-Id: I26b6d8f752164e4f8a12fe66aedc93af67345cca
2013-11-07Get past the configure stage for iOS-based xcode targetsKevin Smith
Without telling the linker that it's for iOS, you get link errors during configure, like: ld: building for MacOSX, but linking against dylib built for iOS Simulator file '/Applications/' for architecture i386 Change-Id: I446bc99d5b8a2ba95a441e9ac0b82d6b64ff3d83
2013-11-03Split experimental File Transfer out from History and Whiteboarding.Kevin Smith
Effectively disables whiteboarding and history in default builds so we can avoid having to do a full cleanup of them for 3.0. File transfer remains enabled in default builds as we're intending getting that ready and shipping it. Change-Id: I8c1dcc989f238b58d6d7c426485e7cf582514d8f
2013-10-31Merge branch 'swift-2.x'Remko Tronçon
* swift-2.x: Update Hebrew translation Don't install the overrides for other packages in swift-im Update Debian building for latest lintian rules Don't allow passing NULL to the JID ctor Conflicts: Swift/Packaging/Debian/debian/ Change-Id: Iadbd434627e190d7369aa61f67ab211e4fbcf02a
2013-10-30Implement missing PubSub owner queries.Remko Tronçon
Implemented get_owner_subscriptions, get_owner_affiliations, and set_owner_affiliations. Change-Id: Ib3ccf2f7e7fe228ccdddf83bde324341e69362d6
2013-10-30Implement missing conversion of some PubSub attributesRemko Tronçon
Change-Id: I51a4249fa84aa40dc2a6e3f2c7e5a9c8fce93f32
2013-10-29Swiften: Fix PubSub.lua test retrieving subscriptionsRemko Tronçon
Change-Id: Ie7a6063c0070c3983119823da19a20d0a64e2ed8
2013-10-29Sluift: Fix bug in PubSubNode.list_itemsRemko Tronçon
Change-Id: I5c500bdda0f76e81b0b7ae6ce00ee57c2c0fb3e8
2013-10-29Fix unit test on MavericksRemko Tronçon
Change-Id: I11101d660bb0debe85069eb3f2ed30987fa0d5ec
2013-10-28Add port option to Sluift client connectRoger
Provide a mechanism to allow setting both the port and hostname for a Sluift client connection. By default Sluift leave port to -1 to use the port discovered by SRV lookups, with 5222 as a fallback. With this change, the port is now manually configurable as well. Change-Id: Idef5457e95127cfa86181b462d9ef42aa4f096ff
2013-10-28Update Hebrew translationswift-2.xRemko Tronçon
Change-Id: Id9733b2fc802b249b9a2949b0a8cc5af9613db44
2013-10-26Fix shortcut handling in QtTabbable.Tobias Markmann
Tested under Gnome 2.32, OS X 10.8 and Win 8.1. Change-Id: If7d41c2254e53ad0d9b745e27dc1db77d64cec50 License: This patch is BSD-licensed, see Documentation/Licenses/BSD-simplified.txt for details.
2013-10-26VCard: Add small margin to QtRemovableItemDelegate.Tobias Markmann
Change-Id: I8032c537c3e5914f43dffb4818bb00caf2ab3bbd License: This patch is BSD-licensed, see Documentation/Licenses/BSD-simplified.txt for details.
2013-10-26VCard: Move 'Add Field' button inside the scroll view.Tobias Markmann
Change-Id: I1259e6de80a5c8781ba71dad1a52228f37a7ce7e License: This patch is BSD-licensed, see Documentation/Licenses/BSD-simplified.txt for details.