AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2011-04-02Don't disable GUI during destruction.swift-1.0rc1Kevin Smith
2011-04-02Do not crash when clicking system message notifications.Remko Tronçon
2011-03-31Russian translation updated.Remko Tronçon
2011-03-30Added Spanish and Catalan translation.Remko Tronçon
2011-03-30Added another missing string.Remko Tronçon
2011-03-30Added another missing string.Remko Tronçon
2011-03-29Added a bunch of missing built-in Qt strings.Remko Tronçon
2011-03-29Added missing Mac OS X application menu strings.Remko Tronçon
2011-03-29Added Russian translation.Remko Tronçon
2011-03-28Catch all exceptions in event loop.Remko Tronçon
2011-03-27Adding in a BSD license for contributors to referenceKevin Smith
2011-03-27Make translation license string a bit more verbose.Remko Tronçon
2011-03-27Removed copyright script suggestion.Remko Tronçon
2011-03-26Remove original coverage data.Remko Tronçon
2011-03-24Added German translation.Remko Tronçon
2011-03-21Added diagnostic error for invalid translation.Remko Tronçon
2011-03-21Added CheckTranslations script.Remko Tronçon
2011-03-21Fixed Dutch translation.Remko Tronçon
2011-03-21Added missing string.Remko Tronçon
2011-03-19Added more untranslated strings.Remko Tronçon
2011-03-17Sluift: Added example script for removing unreachable contacts.Remko Tronçon
2011-03-17Sluift: Add timeout to get and set.Remko Tronçon
2011-03-17Sluift: Put a timeout on connecting to a server.Remko Tronçon
2011-03-17Sluift: Spin the event loop on send events.Remko Tronçon
2011-03-17Fixed some more strings.Remko Tronçon
2011-03-16Some more Swiften packaging improvements & fixes.Remko Tronçon
2011-03-16Include Avahi in Swiften link line.Remko Tronçon
2011-03-16Install Swiften in the right dir.Remko Tronçon
2011-03-16Install Swiften if requested.Remko Tronçon
2011-03-16Sluift: Don't hang until timeout in get_contacts and set_version.Remko Tronçon
2011-03-16Added possibility to dynamically link Swiften.Remko Tronçon
2011-03-15Made example roomname more consistent.Remko Tronçon
2011-03-15Make the Rename Group dialog text a bit friendlier.Remko Tronçon
2011-03-15Added 22x22 and 24x24 icon on Linux.Remko Tronçon
2011-03-15Install more icons on Linux.Remko Tronçon
2011-03-15Made placeholders translatable.Remko Tronçon
2011-03-15Don't fail if LUA_FLAGS aren't set.Remko Tronçon
2011-03-14Fixed capitalization in Dutch translation.Remko Tronçon
2011-03-14Added some extra documentation on translating Swift.Remko Tronçon
2011-03-14Fixed conflicting shortcut strings.Remko Tronçon
2011-03-14Fixed some translation strings.Remko Tronçon
2011-03-14Use "OK" instead of "Ok" for consistency.Remko Tronçon
2011-03-14Make sure the avatar gets updated in the chat window.Remko Tronçon
2011-03-14Mention translator in about dialog and record license in translation file.Remko Tronçon
2011-03-14"You have entered the room as a <nick>" -> "You have entered the room as <nic...Remko Tronçon
2011-03-14Updated Boost to 1.46.1.Remko Tronçon
2011-03-14Force the use of Boost Filesystem V2.Remko Tronçon
2011-03-13Added .gitignore file to Translations.Remko Tronçon
2011-03-13Removed obsolete strings in Dutch translation.Remko Tronçon
2011-03-13"Show Notifications" -> "Display Pop-up Notifications"Remko Tronçon