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2017-07-07Make gtest output more compactThanos Doukoudakis
This patch will make the checker test application output to use a custom printer for google test results. The output will be less verbose, and similar to the output of CppUnit. If the --verbose flag is used, the default printer will be used instead. Test-information: Tested on Windows 10 and Ubuntu 16.04. Change-Id: I1488cf576ab07da03b0dfcc93a48a8518d5afc06
2016-12-15Merge branch 'swift-3.x’Tobias Markmann
* swift-3.x: - Fix building Swift on 32-bit Linux distributions - Remove optional_fwd.hpp use; workaround for Boost Bug #12179 - Split COPYING.thirdparty in contributions/dependencies - Fixes for building packages on Debian Conflicts: BuildTools/SCons/SConstruct Sluift/Console.h Sluift/ITunesInterface.h Sluift/Terminal.h Swift/Packaging/Debian/debian/ Swift/QtUI/SConscript Swiften/Elements/Stanza.h Swiften/FileTransfer/FileTransferTransporter.h Swiften/FileTransfer/IBBReceiveSession.h Swiften/JID/JID.h Swiften/Network/BoostConnectionServer.h Swiften/Network/ConnectionServer.h Swiften/Parser/AttributeMap.h Test-Information: Builds on macOS 10.12.1 with clang trunk. Change-Id: I9f41ab199f227bc106721627ea994313c68e5cfe
2016-07-07Split COPYING.thirdparty in contributions and dependenciesTobias Markmann
COPYING.thirdparty contains all authors that contributed to the project and the licenses of their contributions. COPYING.dependencies contains the external dependencies, including those in 3rdParty, and their licenses. Test-Information: Verified that about dialog in Swift still contains all licenses. Change-Id: I0b8eb51905e20bdfb609de159682ad90f2089c17
2016-04-25Add Lato font and use it in chat view themeTobias Markmann
The font has been imported from the TTF version available from . This commit also adds default parameters to all Qt resource compiler calls, so that files that compress by more than 5% are compressed with the highest compression level. Ideally this will lead to smaller resource C++ source code files that will require less runtime memory when compiled. VS's cl.exe is particular resource hungry. Test-Information: Started Swift and verified the new font is used correctly in chat views. Change-Id: I0b450819b0f50041e768deca6e0ef5619b45d7bf
2016-02-26Add Barun to COPYING.thirdpartyTobias Markmann
Test-Information: None. Change-Id: I1228bbd3bb75b3d692663b8eb8ea10258dceb8f3
2016-01-06Add Michael Vetter to COPYING.thirdpartyTobias Markmann
Test-Information: None. Change-Id: I249a039730f897b4830597af61aca51b97f6310a
2015-07-15Remove accidental push of a translator into the code contributorsKevin Smith
Change-Id: I8e441ea2f2507f118e740373a8980357e8397492
2015-07-15Add a couple of missing contributorsKevin Smith
Change-Id: I7e32d655039f5495759705a9341b4f8b73ee5a06
2015-04-01Add recent contributions to licenseKevin Smith
Change-Id: Ib9655f3c7f06a6b8ef2d8f4e48e9ebcb04431dc0
2015-02-17Add Zash to third-party contributionsKevin Smith
Change-Id: Ic0e055d2ed5366c2305a38b5eb70ea0561ba7cdc
2014-10-01Port many of Isode's local fixes upstreamKevin Smith
Includes fixes to: Build with new Visual Studio and Boost Avoid error caused when Avahi is present but Qt is not Make declaration of XMPPRosterImpl::addContact consistent with implementation Includes enhancements to: Allow user-configurable mt.exe Allow splitting openssl paths Allow disabling gconf lookup Make idn support optional Allow disabling various library detections Remove use of non-Python2.4 features in sconscripts Test-Information: Builds Change-Id: Iee91ee80291a8bdf87cc169c915e4dad1cc1055b
2014-07-08Added close/clear button to roster filter search term box.Richard Maudsley
Test-Information: Verify that the clear button resets the roster filter and hides the search box. Verify that the roster filter continues to behave as normal. Change-Id: Ifa5de1e611334b83634ac31d30bf912fd5c4da87
2013-04-27Removing third-party hash implementations.Remko Tronçon
Using library/platform implementation instead. Change-Id: I2457c2dad80e6fdda023a7f31c3906ff10fe09ed
2013-04-18Replacing Base64 by LibTomCrypt implementation.Remko Tronçon
Change-Id: I6c3fe2c7c8acfad9a2c811ff26e02cc952880c19
2012-12-23Bundle a bare set of emoticons with Swift.Kevin Smith
Change-Id: I6b5bc58558a94b5d3939171ebf5d318a067c8b3d
2012-09-08Added licenses for third party libraries and code.Remko Tronçon
2012-06-12Include missing contributor in licenseKevin Smith
2012-05-24Splitting licensing files for easier referenceKevin Smith