[swift-users] compilation problem with boost-1.61.0

Tobias Markmann tmarkmann at googlemail.com
Mon Aug 1 21:50:19 UTC 2016

On Mon, Aug 1, 2016 at 10:59 PM, Thomas Klausner <tk at giga.or.at> wrote:

> When pkgsrc updated boost from 1.60.0 to 1.61.0 (IIRC), swift stopped
> compiling.
> I had hoped it might be a temporary problem, but swift-4.0beta2 does
> not compile in a quite similar way.
> Does anyone else see this?
> === SNIP ===
I don't know enough about boost or C++ to debug this. Can someone
> please help me finding out if it's a bug in swift or boost or gcc
> (5.4.0nb1 20160606)?

Yup. That boost release is buggy, see
https://github.com/boostorg/optional/pull/19 . Try boost master or replace
any #include <boost/optional_fwd.hpp> by #inlcude <boost/optional.hpp>.

Does any of this fix compilation for you?

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