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Open cases

Case Title Status
Priority 3
1209 JIDs containing illegal spaces are marked as valid. Active
1208 MUc affiliation change errors are ignored Active
1207 Don't show nonsesnicle MUC admin operations for yourself Active
1206 Cert viewer on Linux sometimes gets the dimensions wrong and needs resizing Active
1205 Creating a new group in Add User doesn't provide it in the list for later Add Users. Active
1204 After closing the last Notice, Display Notice isn't disabled Active
1201 MUC Join dialog doesn't indicate why a missing nick fails Active
1200 Swiften sends closing stream before sending stream open on TLS error Active
1199 Deleting the autologin account makes things go wrong Active
1198 "has gone offline" message after date change and person is not online Active
1197 Client crashes on destroy after disconnect Active
1196 File transfer defaults to silly directories Active
1195 vcard dialog opens too small Active
1194 Smartcard crashes on Windows Active
1193 Some dialogs appear too small with e.g. Slovak translation Active
1192 Escaping bug Active
1191 Cross-year-boundary dates go wrong in the chat window Active
1190 File transfer sometimes falls back to IBB when on the same host Active
1189 File transfer seems to sometimes start but never send any data Active
1188 File transfer lets you cancel a complete transfer Active
1183 Editing the name in Edit Contact should select the edited name's radio button Active
1182 Enter should close Edit Contact Active
1181 Ignore <message type='error' sent to the bare JID to work around ejabberd bug Active
1180 swiften-config doesn't provide everything needed Active
1169 Chat log needs to be right aligned for RTL languages Active
1166 CAPI dialog shows certificates for which the user has no key. Active
1165 history crash on failed login Active
1148 Correction of empty messages yields inconsistent view Active
1143 http://google.com">google</a> gets linkified. Active
1116 AdHocWindow with only notes (no form) is too large. Active
870 Edit Profile spinner not going away on reconnect Active
1064 Make sure no-one's left 'composing' when connections drop Active
1057 Don't allow edits once contact goes offline. Active
1041 Crash when hitting buttons accidentally Active
1039 Warning about not supporting receipts vanishes when pressing enter Active
1035 Crash Active
1032 Correction (sender-side) is allowed on a message that 198 says wasn't delivered. Active
994 It's possible to show a contact online in roster after user goes offline Active
826 nick error in presence updates in chats on online offline japery Active
807 After screensaver, need to refocus Swift to notice chat has focus Active
779 Fix clean shutdown for multi-account Active
315 MUC PM errors get routed to the MUC room Active
827 MUC presence is sent to requested JID, not supplied JID. Active
129 Error messages in MUCs are not shown Active
Priority 4
493 RTL language display and sending is funky. Resolved (Fixed)
899 Glitch depending on focus policy on Windows Active
Priority 2
1202 Don't use JIDs as filenames for vcards Active

Closed cases

Case Title Closed in Status
1203 é in paths on Windows stops you setting avatars 3.0 Closed (Fixed)
1184 Closing BOSHConnectionPool does not emit SessionTerminated 2.0 Closed (Fixed)
1147 Installer doesn't install 32bit runtime if 64bit is already present 2.0 Closed (Fixed)
1177 Manual port config sets to -1 2.0 Closed (Fixed)
1186 BOSH URL isn't validated in the connection dialog 2.0 Closed (Fixed)
1187 BOSH paths have double // and :1 as the port (in debug console) 2.0 Closed (Fixed)
1178 Saved BOSH URLs get the trailing / removed when editing them 2.0 Closed (Fixed)
1152 Infinite wait in PlatformNATTraversalWorker at shutdown 3.0 Closed (Postponed)
1179 Bug in connection settings view 2.0 Closed (Fixed)
1168 WiX installer doesn't clean out old installs 2.0 Closed (Fixed)
1153 Crash on Windows when receiving a presence sub request at startup. 2.0 Closed (Fixed)
1133 Crash on exit. 2.0 Closed (Not Reproducible)
1136 Swift crashes when Growl crashes 2.0 Closed (Won't Fix)
1083 Double Growl notices 2.0 Closed (Won't Fix)
1129 If invited to the same room by the same person, the wrong invite gets updated to 'rejoin' 2.0 Closed (Fixed)
1145 Certificate is not cleared when selecting account 2.0-beta2 Closed (Fixed)
1151 MUC topic is shown from the end, not beginning, in the top of the MUC window. 2.0 Closed (Fixed)
1089 Avatars stop working sometimes 2.0 Closed (Won't Fix)
962 Timeout connecting to a candidate separately Undecided Closed (Fixed)
1161 DMG image is too small 2.0-beta2 Closed (Fixed)
1139 Crash on exit 2.0 Closed (Won't Fix)
1170 UI Languages broken on Windows with 4.8 2.0 Closed (Fixed)
1173 Swift doesn't build on systems with Boost filesystem V3. 2.0 Closed (Fixed)
1167 Using BOSH posts with a double // in the path 2.0 Closed (Fixed)
1172 OS X system certificates are not added to trust store 2.0-rc1 Closed (Fixed)
1078 Problem sending file to self Undecided Closed (Fixed)
1162 Silly tooltip on chat log avatar 2.0 Closed (Fixed)
1141 Windows's SHA calculation can make SCRAM very slow 2.0 Closed (Fixed)
1142 Assert on login 2.0 Closed (Not Reproducible)
1155 Windows installer sometimes doesn't install runtime 2.0 Closed (Duplicate)
1159 Hang on 'sign out' with newest Win32 build. 2.0-beta2 Closed (Fixed)
1158 BOSH URL's without port in settings get interpreted as '1'. 2.0-beta2 Closed (Fixed)
1157 Connection option always adds '/' in the BOSH URL path 2.0-beta2 Closed (Fixed)
1156 Default connection options setting seems wrong 2.0 Closed (Fixed)
1154 NSBeep when trying to type a status message on Mac with Qt >= 4.8 2.0 Closed (Fixed)
813 [<tab> and [u<tab> don't autocomplete [ufo] 2.0 Closed (Fixed)
1146 Acks don't work with BOSH 2.0-beta2 Closed (Fixed)
973 Hitting 'enter' in roster view automatically relogins 2.0 Closed (Fixed)
508 Status Setter produces extra window in taskbar Undecided Closed (Not Reproducible)
1144 Crash with message correction and labels 2.0 Closed (Fixed)
1086 Swift will never reconnect after forced disconnect. 2.0 Closed (Won't Fix)
875 Connection failure with untrusted server certs. 2.0 Closed (Not Reproducible)
871 Correction loses labels 2.0 Closed (Fixed)
1062 User search crashes during wizard navigation japery 2.0 Closed (Fixed)
1070 Tab completion confused by non-letters 2.0 Closed (Fixed)
1138 Radio buttons in Chat To User wizard aren't aligned. 2.0 Closed (Fixed)
1125 License display in Swift is broken by recent change to COPYING in source tree. 2.0 Closed (Fixed)
1123 Compilation broken on Windows. 2.0 Closed (Fixed)
1034 When joining autojoin bookmarks with no nick at launch, default nickname won't yet have been populated 2.0-beta1 Closed (Fixed)
1132 Crash if receiving an unexpected challenge 2.0 Closed (Fixed)
1134 qrc doesn't depend on COPYING, but requires it 2.0 Closed (Fixed)
1131 Owner can't configure MUC (missing menu item) 2.0 Closed (Not Reproducible)
1119 Don't fallback from EXTERNAL to PLAIN 2.0 Closed (Not Reproducible)
1120 Problem when MUC topic gets wider than screen 2.0 Closed (Not Reproducible)
1128 Tab order in invite to MUC dialog isn't sensible 2.0 Closed (Fixed)
1088 Chat window 'whooshes' minimised each time a new tab is opened on OS X 2.0 Closed (Fixed)
1022 Avoid whoosh down, whooosh up on Mac when opening chat windows. 2.0 Closed (Fixed)
1117 Contact editor shows &groupname as just groupname 2.0 Closed (Fixed)
1124 Old namespace for xep-correct 2.0 Closed (Fixed)
1114 Use ellipsis on menu item needing user input 2.0 Closed (Fixed)
1118 Use tab spacing as well as spaces in chat log. 2.0 Closed (Fixed)
1126 Encrypted icon shown while offline. 2.0 Closed (Fixed)
1121 Authentication falls back to password-based when cert auth is requested and unavailable. 2.0-beta2 Closed (Not Reproducible)
1074 AdHoc doesn't handle notes. 2.0 Closed (Fixed)
244 Label catalog requetst in MUC is missing resource 2.0 Closed (Fixed)
1112 Tray icon is broken on ubuntu Undecided Closed (Fixed)
1009 Windows open on irrelevant chat states (e.g. inactive) 2.0 Closed (Fixed)
944 It does seem that ampersand (&) in title of bookmarked room is replaced by &#38; after reconnect. 2.0 Closed (Fixed)
1065 Check the fields displayed for MUC Mediated Invites. 2.0 Closed (By Design)
943 Correcting a MUC message marks the message as unread 2.0 Closed (Fixed)
925 Data loss when the chat log is cleared? 2.0 Closed (Fixed)
956 Ad-Hoc doesn't display <note/> on completed commands. 2.0 Closed (Duplicate)
1090 Lists in Ad-Hoc results are editable. 2.0 Closed (Fixed)
1111 "Edit Contact" throbber sometimes spins forever - even after receiving the vcard 2.0 Closed (Fixed)
1107 Reconnections fail when one node in a cluster times out 2.0 Closed (Duplicate)
1101 invite to some\20muc@somewhere gets wrongly interpreted as some^Pmuc@somewhere 2.0 Closed (Fixed)
959 /me actions ending with a link shouldn't linkify the * 2.0 Closed (Fixed)
1079 Crash on exit on Mac 2.0 Closed (Fixed)
935 Do not include all muc events in the unread chat count 2.0-beta1 Closed (Fixed)
954 Ad-Hoc window size is screwy 2.0 Closed (Fixed)
939 Recent chats have an online status icon even if you're disconnected 2.0 Closed (Duplicate)
876 Duplicate subscription notifs not handled properly 2.0 Closed (Fixed)
934 Incoming messages in active chat are added to the events view Undecided Closed (Fixed)
933 Reset AdHocManager on signout/signin. 2.0 Closed (Duplicate)
975 Reset presence mergery across the midnight (date changed message) boundary. 2.0 Closed (Fixed)
967 Increase font size over-enlarges labels 2.0 Closed (Duplicate)
960 Show Chats entries offline when the user goes offline. 2.0 Closed (Duplicate)
1027 Crash cancelling login 2.0 Closed (Not Reproducible)
421 Presence updates and avatars aren't sent to broken MUCs Undecided Closed (Won't Fix)
999 Recents not marked unavailable when user goes offline. 2.0 Closed (Fixed)
1026 Swift hangs on TLS error in --eagle-mode. 2.0 Closed (Fixed)
1103 MUC search window doesn't refresh between uses. 2.0 Closed (Fixed)
1104 Roster item renames get sent with subscription serialized 2.0 Closed (By Design)
712 Tray icon on os X should not bring the roster to the front Undecided Closed (Fixed)
757 /me in notification bubbles is not converted Undecided Closed (Fixed)
1109 SCons says "TLS Support: None" for SChannel 2.0-rc1 Closed (Fixed)
1108 "Request delivery receipts" appears below quit 2.0 Closed (Fixed)
1081 "Display popup notifications" appears below Quit in the menu. 2.0 Closed (Fixed)
1106 Ubuntu popup notifications can remove asterisks. e.g. "/me *test*" -> "/me test*" 2.0 Closed (Not Reproducible)
1099 SWIFT_LOG() calls are inconsistent 2.0 Closed (Fixed)
1096 WiX has no icon for swift in programs list 2.0 Closed (Fixed)
1094 WiX installers don't support upgrades 2.0 Closed (Fixed)
1093 copying.rtf doesn't render properly in WiX installer 2.0 Closed (Fixed)
1098 'Edit Contact' name radio button logic is wrong 2.0 Closed (Fixed)
1082 Auto-away broken on OS X (Lion only?) 2.0 Closed (Fixed)
1095 Typo 'project' - http://swift.im/suite/ 2.0 Closed (Fixed)
1030 Check SRV selection is right. 2.0 Closed (Fixed)
1100 Continuation of MUC invites is wrong 2.0 Closed (Fixed)
1102 Formatting of MUC mediated invites runs things together. 2.0 Closed (Fixed)
1080 Clicking MUC 'cog' says "Room configuration failed: Not allowed" in non-owner rooms. 2.0 Closed (Fixed)
1013 Problems when closing sessions 2.0 Closed (Fixed)
976 DiscoInfoManager sends presence on reconnect 2.0 Closed (Fixed)
1091 Tab-switching keys don't work on Debug Console. 2.0 Closed (Fixed)
1017 Second chat tabs window can open 2.0 Closed (Not Reproducible)
1069 Swift opens a chat window if contact closes theirs. 2.0 Closed (Duplicate)
891 Some text in MUC is increased nonproportional 2.0 Closed (Fixed)
1053 Correction breaks /me actions. 2.0 Closed (Fixed)
1087 vcard dialog accepts .jpg but not .jpeg 2.0 Closed (Fixed)
811 Print 'no results' if no results are returned for user search. 2.0 Closed (Fixed)
1077 Crash in AvatarFileStorage 2.0-rc1 Closed (Fixed)
1072 Legacy server roster problem 2.0 Closed (Fixed)
1092 Indentation missing in chat log 2.0 Closed (Fixed)
1076 Scons fails when only compiling Swiften and no Qt 2.0 Closed (Fixed)
816 Opening a notice for a nick highlight in a MUC rejoins the room with a random Nick. 2.0 Closed (Fixed)
1063 Growl stuff crashes 2.0 Closed (Fixed)
1075 Crash when non-English languages installed. 2.0 Closed (Fixed)
1071 Generate English translation. 2.0 Closed (Fixed)
940 "Enter Room" while offline makes Swift crash 2.0 Closed (Fixed)
997 Don't populate Kick option if not available in MUCController 2.0 Closed (Fixed)
1037 Clicking message receipts warning icon replaces it with text. 2.0 Closed (Fixed)
903 Check if Swiften/TLS/CertificateVerificationError.h has a shared_ptr include if it needs one. 2.0 Closed (Fixed)
1042 Unit tests crash on Kev's priam-ubuntu box. 2.0 Closed (Fixed)
955 Ad-Hoc 'Cancel' doesn't work. 2.0 Closed (Fixed)
1066 Bookmarking room with password doesn't store password 2.0 Closed (Fixed)
1067 Workaround Qt moc bug with new Boost. 2.0 Closed (Fixed)
1073 AdHoc queries the bare JID for commands, but executes them on the hostname 2.0 Closed (Fixed)
708 Open MUC private chat broken 2.0 Closed (Not Reproducible)
1056 Crash rendering in Qt 4.8 2.0 Closed (Fixed)
1021 Crash when clicking Windows popup for sub request 2.0 Closed (Fixed)
195 Tab sometimes uses JID instead of nick Undecided Closed (Fixed)
102 Copying of chatview does not work with CTRL-C Undecided Closed (Won't Fix)
911 Don't rely on CCVERSION in scons. 2.0 Closed (Fixed)
957 Need to call gconf g_type_init 2.0 Closed (Fixed)
515 System Tray icon has no title Undecided Closed (Fixed)
877 Ack pending stanzas on logout. 2.0 Closed (Fixed)
932 MUC leaves aren't reflected in chats list 2.0 Closed (Fixed)
892 Replace last message broken 2.0 Closed (Not Reproducible)
969 LUAFLAGS in Swiftob too late 2.0 Closed (Fixed)
930 Some chats don't have an avatar in ChatList 2.0 Closed (Fixed)
861 Dependency on Python2.6 2.0 Closed (Fixed)
889 Disable debug console in Eagle mode 2.0 Closed (Fixed)
893 Terms inconsistent between Enter Room and Edit Bookmark dialogs. 2.0 Closed (Fixed)
890 ClientOptions is not in a namespace 2.0 Closed (Fixed)
794 Sort groups in MUC roster by role 2.0 Closed (Fixed)
884 Check it doesn't still crash on leave and rejoin a room. 2.0 Closed (Not Reproducible)
873 'Up' arrow in chat input triggers up in chatlog 2.0 Closed (Duplicate)
797 MUC Join Error Message misleading 2.0 Closed (Fixed)
872 Up arrow for correction scrolls MUC logs backwards. 2.0 Closed (Fixed)
864 Chat input becomes odd when maximising the chat window. 2.0 Closed (Fixed)
880 MUC status code 210 not handled properly 2.0 Closed (Fixed)
879 Segfault increasing font size on re-opened window 2.0 Closed (Fixed)
866 Stanza acking broken 2.0 Closed (Fixed)
853 Add missing include 2.0 Closed (Fixed)
829 Refuse to connect when no valid JID is given in login window 2.0 Closed (Fixed)
803 Support XEP-0237 Roster Versioning 2.0 Closed (Fixed)
623 Left click then right click on contact in roster opens chat Undecided Closed (Fixed)
734 Find rooms on zash.se shows phantom services Undecided Closed (Fixed)
710 Swift keeps on sending data after stream:error Undecided Closed (Fixed)
669 EXTERNAL should be used whenever offered. Undecided Closed (Not Reproducible)
667 Fix ChatStateNotifier to work on StanzaChannel Undecided Closed (Fixed)
94 Create a capabilities manager Undecided Closed (Fixed)
556 Add SCons option to not fail on test errors Undecided Closed (Fixed)
134 Buffer incoming messages before sending them to the chat dialog Undecided Closed (Won't Fix)
482 Event count and name in window title is strange Undecided Closed (Duplicate)
237 "Show Offline Contacts" does not reset group expanded state Undecided Closed (Fixed)
130 Old muc window (from the controller) is reused after room exit. Undecided Closed (By Design)
324 Provide Expat build variable Undecided Closed (Duplicate)
223 Vertical chat window stretch problem Undecided Closed (Fixed)
395 Very slow joining large MUCs Undecided Closed (Fixed)
326 Linkify bug Undecided Closed (Fixed)
95 Add Sparkle auto-updater Undecided Closed (Fixed)
148 One-window version Undecided Closed (Fixed)
255 Assertion hit when joining a MUC Undecided Closed (Fixed)
209 Make roster scrolling smooth Undecided Closed (Fixed)
199 Unnecessary ) in tab title Undecided Closed (Fixed)
136 Retrieve correct error in Request.cpp Undecided Closed (Fixed)
88 Unit test PayloadParserFactories Undecided Closed (Fixed)
202 Whitespace ping layer still running after disconnect Undecided Closed (Fixed)
173 Roster status text drawing problem Undecided Closed (Fixed)
105 Detect invalid MUCs Undecided Closed (Duplicate)
104 Security labels combobox is too small Undecided Closed (Fixed)
98 Add X.509 Strong Auth support Undecided Closed (Fixed)
54 Fix destruction of Timers (and Connections) Undecided Closed (Fixed)
85 Create a restartable Client Undecided Closed (Fixed)
66 Punycode domain names Undecided Closed (Fixed)
22 Remove #ifdef in XMPPParser Undecided Closed (Fixed)
20 Create abstract TLSLayer interface Undecided Closed (Fixed)
17 Unit test all serializers Undecided Closed (Fixed)