AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-01-27Update Porting Progress.Tarun Gupta
2016-01-27Some fixes for File Transfer PatchAlex Clayton
2016-01-21Completes FileTransfer according to Swiften.Tarun Gupta
2016-01-18Some Jingle FixesAlex Clayton
2016-01-14Completes Jingle.Tarun Gupta
2016-01-14Minor changes to PubSubManagerImpl and StanzaAckRequester.Tarun Gupta
2016-01-14More Changes to NetworksAlex Clayton
2016-01-12Make Networks equivalent with Swiften.Tarun Gupta
2015-09-17Do not override system default time-zone.Alan Young
2015-09-11Add JavaConnection.ActivityWatcher for watching connection activity.Alan Young
2015-09-11Improve efficiency of JavaConnection reads.Alan Young
2015-09-11Make JavaConnection fully event driven - no 100ms spinAlan Young
2015-08-26Add the missing initialisation for authenticator for SASL ExternalGurmeen Bindra
2015-08-21Fix code to not throw StringPrepParseException that was part of ICU jarGurmeen Bindra
2015-08-21Correct ClientSession.finish()Alan Young
2015-08-20Fix NPE in Stanza.getTimestampFrom() when Delay.getFrom() returns nullAlan Young
2015-08-19Correct classpath element for icu4j for compile-tests in build.xmlAlan Young
2015-08-19Handle case SessionStream.getTLSFinishMessage() returns null.Alan Young
2015-08-17Remove unnecessary Crypto functions from StringCodecs.Tarun Gupta
2015-08-17Update Client.Tarun Gupta
2015-08-17Updates Presence in accordance with Swiften.Tarun Gupta
2015-08-14Completes TLS & Session.Tarun Gupta
2015-08-13Revert pessimistic allocation of collection members in VCard.Alan Young
2015-08-13Add default-parameter versions of invitePerson() to MUC.Alan Young
2015-08-13Rework ByteArray implementationAlan Young
2015-08-13VCard.getPhoto() to return null for absent photo.Alan Young
2015-08-03Make SASL equivalent with Swiften.Tarun Gupta
2015-08-03Add tests for EventLoop.Tarun Gupta
2015-07-29Reinstate "disconnect()" method for MUC classNick Hudson
2015-07-28Fixed CancelledKeyException in JavaConnectionPeter Ballard
2015-07-28Completes Components and AdHoc.Tarun Gupta
2015-07-28Complete StreamStack and add tests.Tarun Gupta
2015-07-28Update Serializers and Parsers.Tarun Gupta
2015-07-27Update findbugs version, and fix Makefile to fetch itNick Hudson
2015-07-22Completes MUC in accordance with Swiften.Tarun Gupta
2015-07-22Complete VCard functionalities.Tarun Gupta
2015-07-22Update Queries.Tarun Gupta
2015-07-22Update Roster functionalities.Tarun Gupta
2015-07-22Tidy up finalize method in SimpleEventLoopNick Hudson
2015-07-21Adds Disco Features.Tarun Gupta
2015-07-20Get make and make test to rebuild all dependent classesAlex Clayton
2015-07-20Add StringIndexOutOfBounds catch to IDNAAlex Clayton
2015-07-20Fix ClientSession class bug due to recent stroke changesGurmeen Bindra
2015-07-16Fix Build.xml to delete test classes.Alex Clayton
2015-07-08Add option to only read from TCP socket when previous read has been processedPeter Ballard
2015-07-07Add GenericPayloadLoader & GenericPayloadPersister classes.Alan Young
2015-07-07Update Avatar access model.Alan Young
2015-07-07Update JingleFileTransferFileInfo in light of recent discussions related to D...Tarun Gupta
2015-07-07Adds tests for Parser and Serializers.Tarun Gupta
2015-07-06Porting Progress of Stroke.Tarun Gupta