AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-08-09Update stroke's junit testsHEADmasterAlex Clayton
2018-03-21Ensure JavaTimer.stop() cleans up any unresolved eventsAlex Clayton
2017-11-15Allow affiliations on full jidsAlex Clayton
2017-04-06Implement Message Carbons enable requestAlan Young
2017-04-05Fix PresenceOracle initialization of PriorityQueue with initial size 0.Alan Young
2016-09-13Fix cut-n-paste typoAlan Young
2016-09-13Rework JID class internal representation of resource presence.Alan Young
2016-07-15Stop HostAddress constructor running DNS lookup.Alex Clayton
2016-06-03XMPPRosterImpl.getItems() needs to do deep copy.Alan Young
2016-04-20Rework Signals for time and space optimizationsAlan Young
2016-04-20Remove use of Java 7 SocketChannel.getRemoteAddress()Alan Young
2016-04-20Revert use of Java 7 'XXX' Time Pattern element.Alan Young
2016-03-22Tidy XEP-0141 codeAlex Clayton
2016-03-22Don't allow JIDs with explicitly empty resourcesAlex Clayton
2016-03-22Add signal for VCard Retrieval Error in VCardManager.Alex Clayton
2016-03-22Try to fix possible race condition in Connector and ProxiedConnection.Alex Clayton
2016-03-16Support early IBB use in Jingle File TransferAlex Clayton
2016-03-16Add FileWriteBytestream class and test.Alex Clayton
2016-03-16Add JID.isValid() checks to the JIDTest unit tests.Alex Clayton
2016-03-16Allow null values for Message bodyAlex Clayton
2016-03-16Add destroy methods to IncomingJingleFileTransfer and OutgoingJingleFileTrans...Alex Clayton
2016-03-15Add destroy method to WhitespacePingLayer.Alex Clayton
2016-03-15Add getRemoteAddress() method to Connection.Alex Clayton
2016-03-15Add description to FileTransferAlex Clayton
2016-03-15Only calculate S5B candidates if supported by recipientAlex Clayton
2016-03-15Fix handling when client certificate is missingAlex Clayton
2016-03-14Add getter for TLSContext in TLSConnection.Alex Clayton
2016-03-14Add FileTransfer.getState methodAlex Clayton
2016-03-14Add methods to PresenceOracle.Alex Clayton
2016-03-14Add roster to PresenceOracle.Alex Clayton
2016-03-14Fix singal disconnections in DiscoServiceWalker.Alex Clayton
2016-03-14Do not flush VCard cache if IQ request returns an error.Alex Clayton
2016-03-14Add test for pre epoch dates in DateTimeTest.Alex Clayton
2016-03-10Fix BlockListImpl logic and add unit test.Alex Clayton
2016-03-09Add Whiteboard FunctionalityAlex Clayton
2016-03-07Add missing TLS and Base classesAlex Clayton
2016-02-29Add BOSHSessionStream classAlex Clayton
2016-02-29Add Parser and Serializer classesAlex Clayton
2016-02-29Finish porting on Network PackageAlex Clayton
2016-02-29Add sort method for ServiceQuery and add TestsAlex Clayton
2016-02-29Add Network Bosh ClassesAlex Clayton
2016-02-16Add the FileTransfer testsAlex Clayton
2016-02-10Remove duplicate classes.Alex Clayton
2016-02-09Finish porting S5BTransportSessionAlex Clayton
2016-02-08Add IQTestAlex Clayton
2016-02-08Add CombinedAvatarProviderTestAlex Clayton
2016-02-04Update Porting NotesAlex Clayton
2016-02-04Add Block Parser and SerializerAlex Clayton
2016-02-02Update FullPayloadSerializerCollectionAlex Clayton
2016-02-01Add S5BProxyRequest Serializers and ParserAlex Clayton