AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-03-09Add Whiteboard FunctionalityAlex Clayton
2016-03-07Add missing TLS and Base classesAlex Clayton
2016-02-29Add BOSHSessionStream classAlex Clayton
2016-02-29Add Parser and Serializer classesAlex Clayton
2016-02-29Finish porting on Network PackageAlex Clayton
2016-02-29Add sort method for ServiceQuery and add TestsAlex Clayton
2016-02-29Add Network Bosh ClassesAlex Clayton
2016-02-16Add the FileTransfer testsAlex Clayton
2016-02-09Finish porting S5BTransportSessionAlex Clayton
2016-02-08Add IQTestAlex Clayton
2016-02-08Add CombinedAvatarProviderTestAlex Clayton
2016-02-04Update Porting NotesAlex Clayton
2016-01-27Update Porting Progress.Tarun Gupta
2015-07-06Porting Progress of Stroke.Tarun Gupta