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2016-03-16Support early IBB use in Jingle File TransferAlex Clayton
2016-03-16Add FileWriteBytestream class and test.Alex Clayton
2016-03-16Add JID.isValid() checks to the JIDTest unit tests.Alex Clayton
2016-03-15Add getRemoteAddress() method to Connection.Alex Clayton
2016-03-14Add methods to PresenceOracle.Alex Clayton
2016-03-14Add roster to PresenceOracle.Alex Clayton
2016-03-14Do not flush VCard cache if IQ request returns an error.Alex Clayton
2016-03-14Add test for pre epoch dates in DateTimeTest.Alex Clayton
2016-03-10Fix BlockListImpl logic and add unit test.Alex Clayton
2016-03-09Add Whiteboard FunctionalityAlex Clayton
2016-03-07Add missing TLS and Base classesAlex Clayton
2016-02-29Add Parser and Serializer classesAlex Clayton
2016-02-29Finish porting on Network PackageAlex Clayton
2016-02-29Add sort method for ServiceQuery and add TestsAlex Clayton
2016-02-29Add Network Bosh ClassesAlex Clayton
2016-02-16Add the FileTransfer testsAlex Clayton
2016-02-10Remove duplicate classes.Alex Clayton
2016-02-08Add IQTestAlex Clayton
2016-02-08Add CombinedAvatarProviderTestAlex Clayton
2016-02-04Add Block Parser and SerializerAlex Clayton
2016-01-21Completes FileTransfer according to Swiften.Tarun Gupta
2016-01-14Minor changes to PubSubManagerImpl and StanzaAckRequester.Tarun Gupta
2016-01-12Make Networks equivalent with Swiften.Tarun Gupta
2015-08-21Fix code to not throw StringPrepParseException that was part of ICU jarGurmeen Bindra
2015-08-17Remove unnecessary Crypto functions from StringCodecs.Tarun Gupta
2015-08-17Update Client.Tarun Gupta
2015-08-17Updates Presence in accordance with Swiften.Tarun Gupta
2015-08-14Completes TLS & Session.Tarun Gupta
2015-08-13Add default-parameter versions of invitePerson() to MUC.Alan Young
2015-08-03Make SASL equivalent with Swiften.Tarun Gupta
2015-08-03Add tests for EventLoop.Tarun Gupta
2015-07-29Reinstate "disconnect()" method for MUC classNick Hudson
2015-07-28Completes Components and AdHoc.Tarun Gupta
2015-07-28Complete StreamStack and add tests.Tarun Gupta
2015-07-28Update Serializers and Parsers.Tarun Gupta
2015-07-22Completes MUC in accordance with Swiften.Tarun Gupta
2015-07-22Complete VCard functionalities.Tarun Gupta
2015-07-22Update Queries.Tarun Gupta
2015-07-22Update Roster functionalities.Tarun Gupta
2015-07-21Adds Disco Features.Tarun Gupta
2015-07-07Update Avatar access model.Alan Young
2015-07-07Update JingleFileTransferFileInfo in light of recent discussions related to D...Tarun Gupta
2015-07-07Adds tests for Parser and Serializers.Tarun Gupta
2015-07-06Completes JID functionalities.Tarun Gupta
2015-07-06Add Internationalized Domain Name Features.Tarun Gupta
2015-07-06Add ChatStateNotifier.Tarun Gupta
2015-06-30Add tests for Payloads Parsers and Payloads Serializers.Tarun Gupta
2015-06-30Adds Parser and Serializer for Priority Element.Tarun Gupta
2015-06-30Add StreamInitiation Elements.Tarun Gupta
2015-06-27Adds Form Elements and Version Element.Tarun Gupta