AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2012-09-22Fix rebase mistakesdknn/rtpdknn
2012-09-22Add use of NAT traversaldknn
2012-09-22Add UDP support in nat traversaldknn
2012-09-22Better error resiliencedknn
2012-09-22Fix test suite compliancedknn
2012-09-22Move float comparison functions to cppdknn
2012-09-22Fix JRTPLIB buildingdknn
2012-09-22Add JRTPLIB SConscriptdknn
2012-09-22Add error resilience on decoder sidedknn
2012-09-22Add error resilence (buggy)dknn
2012-09-22Fix port for testingdknn
2012-09-22Capture and send user UI eventsdknn
2012-09-22Add frame around the remote screen viewerdknn
2012-09-22Add support for multiple sharing and control in chat viewdknn
2012-09-22Add basic UI for viewing remote screendknn
2012-09-22Fix bug with ipv6 + add new feature in discodknn
2012-09-22Better handling of udp bind errorsdknn
2012-09-22Handle all kind of ip in udp and screen sharingdknn
2012-09-22Fix troubles in screen sharing exampledknn
2012-09-22Add signal disconnectsdknn
2012-09-22Handle same account casedknn
2012-09-22Fix copyright to bsd licensedknn
2012-09-22Add a small imperfect exampledknn
2012-09-22Add finished signaldknn
2012-09-22Fixes to make classes working togetherdknn
2012-09-22Some UDP networking utilitiesdknn
2012-09-22Add disco for RTP + bugfixdknn
2012-09-22Fix dependency issue with libvpxdknn
2012-09-22Fix linking errors + add libvpxdknn
2012-09-22Fix wrong include pathdknn
2012-09-22Add missing includedknn
2012-09-22Screen sharing managingdknn
2012-09-22RTP updatedknn
2012-09-22Udp stuffdknn
2012-09-22Add missing include againdknn
2012-09-22Add missing includedknn
2012-09-22Add missing filedknn
2012-09-22Add missing filedknn
2012-09-22Add raw UDP transport payload: element, serializer, parser and testsdknn
2012-09-22Add system library jrtplib in SConsdknn
2012-09-22Bugfix: Add missing call to PlatformNetworkEnvironment::getNetworkInterfaces()dknn
2012-09-22Abstract layer between Swiften & JRTPLIBdknn
2012-09-22Bugfix: serialize the responder in a jingle payloaddknn
2012-09-22Single threaded codecdknn
2012-09-22Middle part of the outgoing media pipelinedknn
2012-09-22Add parsing add related tests for RTP descriptiondknn
2012-09-22Major part of a RTP description elementdknn
2012-09-22Fixed 2 bugs in JinglePayloadSerializer:dknn
2012-09-22Code arrangement based on feedback from Kevdknn
2012-09-22Payload, serializer and parser for the "payload-type" XML nodedknn