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authorTobias Markmann <>2017-03-14 08:29:29 (GMT)
committerTobias Markmann <>2017-03-14 08:29:29 (GMT)
commit8e4ba4c977065f77ea6b9da6cc6e327390d14cf7 (patch)
parent9601c3e0475a4d05c4c245183c787bd7de805be6 (diff)
Fix default avatar rendering on Windows
Swift installed from our Windows installer packages would not display the default avatar, due to missing Qt5Svg module. Test-Information: Build Windows installer package on Windows 8, with VS 2013 and Qt 5.4.2. Qt5Svg.dll is installed and default avatars are displayed in the roster. Change-Id: Iaa0fb0b013fc32d9d84897e83902ae7487fe72d7
2 files changed, 2 insertions, 1 deletions
diff --git a/Swift/ b/Swift/
index 4c88d88..a174436 100644
--- a/Swift/
+++ b/Swift/
@@ -3,6 +3,7 @@
- Fix UI layout issue for translations that require right-to-left (RTL) layout
- macOS releases are now code-signed with a key from Apple, so they can be run without Gatekeeper trust warnings
- Handle sessions being closed by the server
+- Fix display of default avatar on Windows
4.0-beta2 ( 2016-07-20 )
diff --git a/Swift/QtUI/SConscript b/Swift/QtUI/SConscript
index 1bcba64..2f95b3e 100644
--- a/Swift/QtUI/SConscript
+++ b/Swift/QtUI/SConscript
@@ -427,7 +427,7 @@ if env["PLATFORM"] == "win32" :
qtlibs = [lib + '4' for lib in qtlibs]
else :
- qtlibs += ['QtQuick', 'QtQml', 'QtPositioning', 'QtMultimedia', 'QtSql', 'QtSensors', 'QtWidgets', 'QtWebChannel', 'QtWebKitWidgets', 'QtMultimediaWidgets', 'QtOpenGL', 'QtPrintSupport']
+ qtlibs += ['QtQuick', 'QtQml', 'QtPositioning', 'QtMultimedia', 'QtSql', 'QtSensors', 'QtSvg', 'QtWidgets', 'QtWebChannel', 'QtWebKitWidgets', 'QtMultimediaWidgets', 'QtOpenGL', 'QtPrintSupport']
qtlibs = [lib.replace('Qt', 'Qt5') for lib in qtlibs]
qtlibs += ['icuin51', 'icuuc51', 'icudt51', 'libGLESv2', 'libEGL']
qtplugins["platforms"] = ['windows']