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authorThanos Doukoudakis <>2019-02-24 23:26:08 (GMT)
committerThanos Doukoudakis <>2019-02-26 12:33:30 (GMT)
commitf11ef30f7fe576723f71c2c6a9061ec7ef9472bd (patch)
parent7062839cd21ba32a73ce01c920294d0f7575780b (diff)
Fix library search path for man page generation
This patch will fix an issue that occurs when generating the man pages for swift-im. The man page is generated from the Swiften library using help2man. The issue occurs when the library cannot be found during build time and help2man is generating a man page with the output of that error, ignoring the return error code from swift-im. To avoid this happening in future builds, swift-im --help is run before generating the page and checked if the execution was successful. If yes we proceed with the generation, if not we stop the build and throw an error. swiften-config man page generation was not affected by this issue. Test-Information: Build with ubuntu 18.04 on a machine that hasn’t got Swift or Swiften installed. Build the Debian package for Debian stretch with pbuilder, and installed on a clean docker container (Debian stretch). Repeated the test with Debian sid but with packages build from docker containers. Change-Id: Icf8a84ba7f4810c87e5835e5ac1a91d1324ddac8
1 files changed, 1 insertions, 1 deletions
diff --git a/Swift/Packaging/SConscript b/Swift/Packaging/SConscript
index 556c596..fda5182 100644
--- a/Swift/Packaging/SConscript
+++ b/Swift/Packaging/SConscript
@@ -23,7 +23,7 @@ if env["SCONS_STAGE"] == "build" :
action = Action('$HELP2MAN --no-discard-stderr -m "Swift Manual" -S "swiften-config" -n "swiften-config" -N $SOURCE > $TARGET', cmdstr = "$HELP2MANSTR"))
swiftHelp = env.Command(
target='$HELP2MAN_DEBIAN_DIR/swift-im.1', source='#/Swift/QtUI/swift-im',
- action = Action('$HELP2MAN --no-discard-stderr -m "Swift Manual" -S "Swift" -n "swift-im" -N $SOURCE > $TARGET', cmdstr = "$HELP2MANSTR"))
+ action = Action('$HELP2MAN --no-discard-stderr -m "Swift Manual" -S "Swift" -n "swift-im" -N "LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:./Swiften $SOURCE" > $TARGET', cmdstr = "$HELP2MANSTR"))
print("Enabled help2man but help2man is not in the PATH of the current environment.")