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authorTobias Markmann <>2017-06-19 09:59:20 (GMT)
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Add Coala config for whitespace checking
Coala ( ), is a meta linting tool, that comes with own checks and integration for external tools for a lot languages. This adds a configuration that enforces no trailing whitespace and no lines with only whitespaces. Test-Information: Ran coala and fixes the issues it raised. Change-Id: I30b201135bbe8888d9d1bcadb28f9ced9b5db28f
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diff --git a/Swiften/Client/Client.h b/Swiften/Client/Client.h
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--- a/Swiften/Client/Client.h
+++ b/Swiften/Client/Client.h
@@ -51,7 +51,7 @@ namespace Swift {
* Constructs a client for the given JID with the given password.
- * \param jid The JID to be used for the login. If only a bare
+ * \param jid The JID to be used for the login. If only a bare
* JID is give the server will be asked to generate a resource.
* \param password The password used for login given as a \ref SafeString.
* \param networkFactories The network factories that are used