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authorTobias Markmann <>2018-01-26 18:04:17 (GMT)
committerTobias Markmann <>2018-03-12 09:02:00 (GMT)
commitff600776577ce4e3bbf9aa66f5980bc9cf1042a0 (patch)
treef4dcd3484d481d8a7b78bdbf29a3481f0e6b7e83 /Swiften/TLS/TLSContext.h
parent3a540816280691e7ca3191867d3c73beba465674 (diff)
Add getPeerFinishMessage() method and OpenSSL TLS backend
This method allows to calculate the TLS finish message of the peer of a TLS connection. It can be used to provide SASL channel binding for TLS servers. Test-Information: Added unit test that verifies the finish messages of a server TLS context with the finish messages of a client TLS context. Tests pass on macOS 10.13.3 with OpenSSL. Change-Id: Ia5ba539e1fb6d1bef6b4436bb59c7384b57a69b0
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1 files changed, 2 insertions, 0 deletions
diff --git a/Swiften/TLS/TLSContext.h b/Swiften/TLS/TLSContext.h
index 2655d4b..653e8d2 100644
--- a/Swiften/TLS/TLSContext.h
+++ b/Swiften/TLS/TLSContext.h
@@ -47,6 +47,8 @@ namespace Swift {
virtual CertificateVerificationError::ref getPeerCertificateVerificationError() const = 0;
virtual ByteArray getFinishMessage() const = 0;
+ virtual ByteArray getPeerFinishMessage() const;
enum class Mode {