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+ CppClean attempts to find problems in C++ source that slow development
+ in large code bases, for example various forms of unused code.
+ Unused code can be unused functions, methods, data members, types, etc
+ to unnecessary #include directives. Unnecessary #includes can cause
+ considerable extra compiles increasing the edit-compile-run cycle.
+ The project home page is:
+ * Find and print C++ language constructs: classes, methods, functions, etc.
+ * Find classes with virtual methods, no virtual destructor, and no bases
+ * Find global/static data that are potential problems when using threads
+ * Unnecessary forward class declarations
+ * Unnecessary function declarations
+ * Undeclared function definitions
+ * (planned) Find unnecessary header files #included
+ - No direct reference to anything in the header
+ - Header is unnecessary if classes were forward declared instead
+ * (planned) Source files that reference headers not directly #included,
+ ie, files that rely on a transitive #include from another header
+ * (planned) Unused members (private, protected, & public) methods and data
+ * (planned) Store AST in a SQL database so relationships can be queried
+AST is Abstract Syntax Tree, a representation of parsed source code.
+System Requirements:
+ * Python 2.4 or later (2.3 probably works too)
+ * Works on Windows (untested), Mac OS X, and Unix
+How to Run:
+ For all examples, it is assumed that cppclean resides in a directory called
+ /cppclean.
+ To print warnings for classes with virtual methods, no virtual destructor and
+ no base classes:
+ /cppclean/ file1.h file2.h ...
+ To print all the functions defined in header file(s):
+ /cppclean/ file1.h file2.h ...
+ All the commands take multiple files on the command line. Other programs
+ include: find_warnings, headers, methods, and types. Some other programs
+ are available, but used primarily for debugging.
+ is a simple wrapper that sets PYTHONPATH to /cppclean and then
+ runs the program in /cppclean/cpp/ There is currently
+ no equivalent for Windows. Contributions for a run.bat file
+ would be greatly appreciated.
+How to Configure:
+ You can add a file in /cppclean/cpp to configure where
+ to look for other headers (typically -I options passed to a compiler).
+ Currently two values are supported: _TRANSITIVE and GetIncludeDirs.
+ _TRANSITIVE should be set to a boolean value (True or False) indicating
+ whether to transitively process all header files. The default is False.
+ GetIncludeDirs is a function that takes a single argument and returns
+ a sequence of directories to include. This can be a generator or
+ return a static list.
+ def GetIncludeDirs(filename):
+ return ['/some/path/with/other/headers']
+ # Here is a more complicated example.
+ def GetIncludeDirs(filename):
+ yield '/path1'
+ yield os.path.join('/path2', os.path.dirname(filename))
+ yield '/path3'
+How to Test:
+ For all examples, it is assumed that cppclean resides in a directory called
+ /cppclean. The tests require
+ cd /cppclean
+ make test
+ # To generate expected results after a change:
+ make expected
+Current Status:
+ The parser works pretty well for header files, parsing about 99% of Google's
+ header files. Anything which inspects structure of C++ source files should
+ work reasonably well. Function bodies are not transformed to an AST,
+ but left as tokens. Much work is still needed on finding unused header files
+ and storing an AST in a database.
+ * Parsing all valid C++ source
+ * Handling invalid C++ source gracefully
+ * Compiling to machine code (or anything beyond an AST)
+ If you used cppclean, I would love to hear about your experiences
+ Even if you don't use cppclean, I'd like to
+ hear from you. :-) (You can contact me directly at: