AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2009-11-01Moving tests around.Remko Tronçon
2009-08-22Ignore temporary MSVC files.Remko Tronçon
2009-08-16Remove obsolete README.git.Remko Tronçon
2009-08-11Add Qt scons variable.Remko Tronçon
2009-08-11Make OpenSSL required for Swift.Remko Tronçon
2009-08-09Add SConscript files.Remko Tronçon
2009-07-24Update the build system.Remko Tronçon
2009-07-20Roll our own Cocoa builds.Remko Tronçon
2009-06-22Pick up configured libraries in Swift QMake build.Remko Tronçon
2009-06-10Moved UI/Qt -> Swift/QtUI.Remko Tronçon
2009-06-07Use bundled Expat with qmakeish.Remko Tronçon
2009-06-01Filter coverage data.Remko Tronçon
2009-06-01Updated qmakeish to new directory structure.Remko Tronçon
2009-06-01Import.Remko Tronçon