AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2011-04-30Replace #icnlude "" by #include <> in Swiften.Remko Tronçon
2011-04-30Added missing include.Remko Tronçon
2011-04-30Merge branch 'swift-1.x'Remko Tronçon
2011-04-30Only package .so in dev package.Remko Tronçon
2011-04-30Support creating Swiften dylibs on Mac OS X.Remko Tronçon
2011-04-30Fixed Swiften .so softlinks.Remko Tronçon
2011-04-30Merge branch 'swift-1.x'Remko Tronçon
2011-04-30Filter out some extra headers in install dir.Remko Tronçon
2011-04-30Split off libswiften package.Remko Tronçon
2011-04-30A better fix for the strange rendering performance issue in tabbed mode.Tobias Markmann
2011-04-30Allow groups to be resorted based on changing names.Kevin Smith
2011-04-30Missing signal.Kevin Smith
2011-04-30Tidy up some correction quibblesKevin Smith
2011-04-30Only install the necessary files in the Debian package.Remko Tronçon
2011-04-30This should fix the MUC ordering.Kevin Smith
2011-04-30Merge branch 'swift-1.x'Remko Tronçon
2011-04-30Avoid SCons adding .so suffix.Remko Tronçon
2011-04-30Correct message feature using XEP-CorrectVlad Voicu
2011-04-30Rearrange 'myenv'.Remko Tronçon
2011-04-30Merge branch 'swift-1.x'Remko Tronçon
2011-04-30Substitute SCons variables correctly.Remko Tronçon
2011-04-30Use standard library naming scheme for Swiften on Linux.Remko Tronçon
2011-04-29Merge branch 'swift-1.x'Remko Tronçon
2011-04-29Build Swiften as a DLL in Debian package.Remko Tronçon
2011-04-29Added versioning to Swiften.Remko Tronçon
2011-04-28Merge branch 'swift-1.x'Remko Tronçon
2011-04-28Allow compiler warnings by default.Remko Tronçon
2011-04-28Temporarily reverting widget hiding patch.Remko Tronçon
2011-04-28Merge branch 'swift-1.x'Remko Tronçon
2011-04-28Added Galician Swift desktop entry.Remko Tronçon
2011-04-28Disable building of EchoBot example on non-Windows platforms.Remko Tronçon
2011-04-28Hiding widgets which aren't visible anyway to prevent them from redrawing.Tobias Markmann
2011-04-28Merge branch 'swift-1.x'Remko Tronçon
2011-04-28Added Galician translation.Remko Tronçon
2011-04-28Fixed Swedish translation name in desktop entry.Remko Tronçon
2011-04-28Updated some text strings.Remko Tronçon
2011-04-28Update the correct roster tab for noticesKevin Smith
2011-04-28Recent chats are now persisted.Kevin Smith
2011-04-27Start on recent chats listKevin Smith
2011-04-27Reset the login view's isLoggingIn on cancel login.Remko Tronçon
2011-04-27Added missing include.Remko Tronçon
2011-04-27Merge branch 'swift-1.x'Remko Tronçon
2011-04-27Keep shared_ptr of PlatformDomainNameServiceQuery in event loop.Remko Tronçon
2011-04-27Renamed Swedish translation file to swift_sv.Remko Tronçon
2011-04-26Make stanza ack handling safer in case of a view without stanza acking support.Remko Tronçon
2011-04-26Added CertificateMemoryStorage.Remko Tronçon
2011-04-26Don't attempt to login without a valid node@domain JID.Kevin Smith
2011-04-25No Ad-Hoc buttons once command is completedKevin Smith
2011-04-25Move available actions logic into Swiften class.Kevin Smith
2011-04-25Fixed compilation.Remko Tronçon