AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-07-12Fix Python 3 compatibility of our SCons and tooling Python codeTobias Markmann
2018-05-29Sort input file listBernhard M. Wiedemann
2018-03-20Merge branch 'swift-4.x'swift-5.0alpha2Tobias Markmann
2018-02-02Add support for extracting certificate chain from PEM stringTobias Markmann
2017-07-26Workaround Boost bug to prevent crash in recents loadingThanos Doukoudakis
2017-06-26Fix compiler warnings raise by Clang on LinuxTobias Markmann
2017-02-24Add Sparkle license to about dialog COPYING file on demandTobias Markmann
2016-11-18Add scons options forcing for bundled Boost, libminiupnpc, libnatpmpTobias Markmann
2016-09-26Update and tidy up Sparkle software update supportTobias Markmann
2016-07-22Ignore warnings in Qt headers and fix Boost.Signals2 detectionTobias Markmann
2016-07-12Remove Snarl notification supportTobias Markmann
2016-06-14Re-enable support for system libminiupnpc and libnatpmpTobias Markmann
2016-06-10Fix remaining compiler warnings on OS X with clangTobias Markmann
2016-04-25Require a configured TLS backend to buildTobias Markmann
2016-04-07Fix building with system boost on Debian 8.4Tobias Markmann
2016-04-05Migrate to Boost.Signals2 from Boost.SignalsTobias Markmann
2016-03-14Build all Swift projects as C++11Tobias Markmann
2016-03-09Fix using external OpenSSL on Mac OS XTobias Markmann
2016-02-25Disable Hunspell support by default as it is not finished yetTobias Markmann
2016-02-15Improve SCons reporting on missing Qt toolsTobias Markmann
2016-01-15Silence Boost Signals deprecation warning if using system BoostTobias Markmann
2016-01-15Always link secur32.lib to Swiften on WindowsTobias Markmann
2015-10-30Add support for OS X Secure Transport TLS backendTobias Markmann
2015-05-19Consolidate Python and SCons files to tab based indentationTobias Markmann
2015-05-04Correctly handle full paths when detecting Clang/GCC compilersTobias Markmann
2015-04-29Ignore compiler warnings from 3rdParty librariesTobias Markmann
2014-10-13Regress Python requirement to 2.4 againKevin Smith
2014-10-06Allow scons to not require an IDN libraryKevin Smith
2014-10-01Port many of Isode's local fixes upstreamKevin Smith
2014-02-16Don't try to install git hooks when Swift is used as a submodule.Kevin Smith
2014-01-03Sluift: Custom console/interpreterRemko Tronçon
2013-12-27Sluift: RefactoringRemko Tronçon
2013-11-03Split experimental File Transfer out from History and Whiteboarding.Kevin Smith
2013-10-01Adding support for impromptu MUCs.Tobias Markmann
2013-09-16Disable Boost Signals warningsRemko Tronçon
2013-09-15Use system Lua if presentRemko Tronçon
2013-08-27PubSub implementation & Sluift refactoring.Remko Tronçon
2013-08-13Adding basic support for Android and Unbound (No IPv6 yet).Tobias Markmann
2013-07-13Added scons2ninja script.Remko Tronçon
2013-04-21Fix compilation when 3rdParty/ is not there.Remko Tronçon
2013-04-19Avoid 'test' phase when parsing SConscripts.Remko Tronçon
2013-03-30Making stuff build against non-bundled librariesKevin Smith
2013-03-15Spell checker implementation using HunspellVlad Voicu
2013-03-03Remove the async vfs for sqlite, to avoid the crashKevin Smith
2013-02-11Fix bundled OpenSSL builds.Remko Tronçon
2012-12-31Remove obsolete CLang & MSVS tools.Remko Tronçon
2012-12-22Use precompiled header in EchoBot variants.Remko Tronçon
2012-10-13Remove restriction to only detect Boost FileSystem v2.Remko Tronçon
2012-09-16Fixed compilation on windows.Remko Tronçon
2012-09-12Don't use SQLite in non-experimental.Remko Tronçon