AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-02-20Fix Python 3 Unicode issues related to Windows packagingTobias Markmann
2019-01-21Make compatible with both Py2 and Py3Edwin Mons
2019-01-15Merge tag 'swift-4.x' into masterTobias Markmann
2019-01-07Update for Debianswift-4.0.3Tobias Markmann
2018-10-01Change ur literals to r, as ur is unsupported in Python 3Tobias Markmann
2018-07-12Fix Python 3 compatibility of our SCons and tooling Python codeTobias Markmann
2018-05-17Make generated files handle Unicode charactersThanos Doukoudakis
2018-05-17Add support for QtWebKit 5.6 and newer to packaging on WindowsTobias Markmann
2018-05-03Disable all warnings for generated Qt filesTobias Markmann
2018-03-12Enable per user installations on WindowsThanos Doukoudakis
2017-06-21Add CircleCI configuration for basic GitHub PR checksTobias Markmann
2017-04-10Only add existing environment variables to QtUI test envTobias Markmann
2017-01-11Integrate googletest and googlemock libraries to 3rdPartyTobias Markmann
2016-10-21Fix package generation on macOS 10.12Tobias Markmann
2016-10-18Auto extend copyright year in app bundles and fix copyrightTobias Markmann
2016-09-29Support building against newer QtWebKit on macOSTobias Markmann
2016-09-26Update and tidy up Sparkle software update supportTobias Markmann
2016-07-25Improve Qt detection on Linux by setting correct environmentTobias Markmann
2016-07-22Ignore warnings in Qt headers and fix Boost.Signals2 detectionTobias Markmann
2016-07-05Fix building with Qt 5.5.1 on OS XTobias Markmann
2016-04-25Convert hard tabs to four spaces in all our SConscript/*.py filesTobias Markmann
2016-04-25Add Lato font and use it in chat view themeTobias Markmann
2016-02-29Fix scons2ninja toolingTobias Markmann
2016-01-16Remove warning about undefined QTDIR environment variableTobias Markmann
2015-10-16Do not require complete Qt installation when building SwiftenTobias Markmann
2015-09-24Always include Qt5 audio plugins for Windows packagesTobias Markmann
2015-07-07Use environment variables for addresses used in NetworkTestTobias Markmann
2015-07-07Fix './scons --help' if no Qt installation can be foundTobias Markmann
2015-06-25Fix tool for ArchTobias Markmann
2015-06-18Have SCons qt4 tool check for real moc or qtchooserTobias Markmann
2015-06-14Fix SCons qt4 tool pkg-config detectionTobias Markmann
2015-06-02Fix Scons module pkg-config support in case Qt is not presentTobias Markmann
2015-05-19Consolidate Python and SCons files to tab based indentationTobias Markmann
2015-05-19Gracefully handle pkg-config when Qt is not installedTobias Markmann
2015-05-07Add support for Qt 5.4.1 to build and distribution process on WindowsTobias Markmann
2015-05-04Ignore 3rdParty warnings on Linux platforms when using Clang or GCCTobias Markmann
2015-04-29Ignore compiler warnings from 3rdParty librariesTobias Markmann
2015-04-28Add Qt flags detection using pkg-config on Linux platformsTobias Markmann
2015-03-27Improve Windows MSI installer upgrade experienceTobias Markmann
2015-02-12Fix missing to return some dependencies in windeployqt-based createWindowsBun...Tobias Markmann
2015-02-06Use windeployqt.exe if available and Win distribution documentation fixTobias Markmann
2014-10-01Port many of Isode's local fixes upstreamKevin Smith
2014-02-22Make git and wix wrappers in build system more convenient for use by other pr...Kevin Smith
2014-01-19Make SCons Qt4 tool work on all non-Windows/OS X platformsRemko Tronçon
2013-08-14Adjust Android test deployment path.Tobias Markmann
2013-08-13Adding basic support for Android and Unbound (No IPv6 yet).Tobias Markmann
2013-08-09Include accessibility plugin in Windows packagesKevin Smith
2013-08-08Package necessary plugins for qt5 on WindowsKevin Smith
2013-07-15Fixed Qt5 compilation on Windows.Remko Tronçon
2013-03-04Qt5 support & warning fixes.Remko Tronçon