AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2010-12-15Ensure Swift name is displayed in Windows systray.Remko Tronçon
2010-12-08Added LibIDN include/libflags.Remko Tronçon
2010-12-05Added plumbing for persistent certificate trust checking.Remko Tronçon
2010-11-28Added swiften-config.Remko Tronçon
2010-11-28Replace slightly-too-magic MergeFlags by our own UseFlags.Remko Tronçon
2010-11-27Introduce SWIFTEN_DEP_FLAGS.Remko Tronçon
2010-11-27Fixed build error.Remko Tronçon
2010-11-27Split incoming ccflags if they are a string.Remko Tronçon
2010-11-25Fixed debian sections, priorities & distributions.Remko Tronçon
2010-11-21Changed Debian packager to "Swift Package Maintainer"Remko Tronçon
2010-11-12Add Windows trust anchors to OpenSSL context.Remko Tronçon
2010-11-06Added boost libdir and includedir flags.Remko Tronçon
2010-11-06Revert boost auto-detection.Remko Tronçon
2010-11-06Make expat libname a config option.Remko Tronçon
2010-11-06Added Expat configuration flags.Remko Tronçon
2010-10-30Rename swift Debian package to swift-im.Remko Tronçon
2010-10-30Disconnect client cleanly before quitting.Remko Tronçon
2010-10-29Make Qt non-mandatory for global build.Remko Tronçon
2010-10-28Only match against Boost MT library.Remko Tronçon
2010-10-28Tweaked boost detection a bit.Remko Tronçon
2010-10-28Auto-detect boost on windows.Remko Tronçon
2010-10-28Fixed SCons error.Remko Tronçon
2010-10-28Added boost prefix flag.Remko Tronçon
2010-10-27Fixed windows compilation issues.Remko Tronçon
2010-10-24Link against libstdc++.Remko Tronçon
2010-10-24Added 'link' flag to SConstruct.Remko Tronçon
2010-10-21Added ccache option to SCons.Remko Tronçon
2010-10-10Conditionally build documentation.Remko Tronçon
2010-10-09Some documentation tweaks.Remko Tronçon
2010-10-09Added EchoBot walkthrough example.Remko Tronçon
2010-10-07Fix crashes on disconnect during connect.Remko Tronçon
2010-10-05Pick up version number from file.Remko Tronçon
2010-09-15Build with debug information on all platforms.Remko Tronçon
2010-09-15Added Snarl notification supportRemko Tronçon
2010-09-12Move Notifier to SwifToolsRemko Tronçon
2010-09-12Ignore .qrc in sloc counts.Remko Tronçon
2010-09-12Added SLOCCount to scons.Remko Tronçon
2010-09-03Added SCons flag to ignore test result.Remko Tronçon
2010-09-02Added check_output SCons flag to generate an XML report.Remko Tronçon
2010-08-30Track dependencies of resource dirs correctly in Windows bundle.Remko Tronçon
2010-08-29Put platform flags in PLATFORM_FLAGS variable.Remko Tronçon
2010-08-29Added stanza acking support to client.Remko Tronçon
2010-08-25Added cc,cxx, and distcc SCons flags.Remko Tronçon
2010-08-24Added Eclipse code templates.Remko Tronçon
2010-08-20Fix Slimber build.Remko Tronçon
2010-08-19Give LibXML priority over Expat.Remko Tronçon
2010-08-19Fixed compilation on OS X.Remko Tronçon
2010-08-19Extract dir providing functionality from application class.Remko Tronçon
2010-08-17Also build examples when cross-compiling.Remko Tronçon
2010-08-16Cleaning up the SConstruct a bit more.Remko Tronçon