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2016-04-29Restructure and reword project documentationTobias Markmann
Restructured project documentation into two basically two files at the top level. giving a rough project overview and information and providing all information needed to build Swift, its requirements and where to get them for all desktop platforms. is targeted at developers, describing the build system, how to build only parts of the project. This document also described how to build Swiften on Android and iOS, and also covers testing and packaging guidelines. Test-Information: None. Change-Id: Ic47bef6524888db972332b23e6510d10234f7808
2016-01-07Default to Qt5 for building SwiftTobias Markmann
Updated documentation accordingly. Test-Information: Build and ran unit tests on OS X 10.11.2. Change-Id: Iec4e82d3b63a6b0d24b854734879dd2fbfe17d79
2013-10-15Add qt5 to docsKevin Smith
Change-Id: If454a17361c8dcba747278a98edeeeb56e21d54d
2012-10-07Adding reconfigure instructionsKevin Smith