AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-11-14Fix various uses of numeric_cast in UI bitsEdwin Mons
2018-04-27Add a new merged roster/chats/MUCs viewKevin Smith
2017-07-07Make std:: make_unique available in gcc with c++11Joanna Hulboj
2017-06-21Add Coala config for whitespace checkingTobias Markmann
2017-04-04Open 1:1 chat to real JIDs from MUC rooms (not PMs) when possibleThanos Doukoudakis
2017-03-31Return unique_ptr instead of pointer to deleted objectTobias Markmann
2017-03-08Use standard algorithm instead of custom codeTobias Markmann
2016-11-23Migrate remaining Swiften/Base/foreach.h use to range-based for loopTobias Markmann
2016-11-10Use FeatureOracle to detect file-transfer support in rosterTobias Markmann
2016-10-21Use unique_ptr instead of manual deleteTobias Markmann
2016-10-19Fix presence handling of own contact in rosterTobias Markmann
2016-09-29Fix uninitialised class membersTobias Markmann
2016-08-09Enable better date formatting in the UITobias Markmann
2016-08-03Open corresponding chat window when sending files via rosterTobias Markmann
2016-04-05Migrate to Boost.Signals2 from Boost.SignalsTobias Markmann
2016-04-04Modernize code to use range based for loops using clang-tidyTobias Markmann
2016-04-04Apply automated clang-tidy fixes and add missing includesTobias Markmann
2016-04-04Modernize code to use C++11 shared_ptr instead of Boost'sTobias Markmann
2016-04-01Modernize code to use C++11 nullptr using clang-tidyTobias Markmann
2016-03-31Convert tabs to 4 spaces for all source filesTobias Markmann
2016-03-30Apply consistent #include grouping and sorting styleTobias Markmann
2015-12-16Fix crash related to removal of contactsTobias Markmann
2015-10-30Ignore DND drops of JIDs for contacts already in the conversationTobias Markmann
2015-10-30Fix code in response to unused macro and private field warningsTobias Markmann
2015-10-30Change bare JID presence lookup code to ignore prioritiesTobias Markmann
2015-10-16Mark removed contacts as unavailable in SwiftTobias Markmann
2015-10-14Annotate getter method as const as it does not write anythingTobias Markmann
2014-12-15Update Copyright in SwiftKevin Smith
2014-10-20Change old C-style cast to static_cast.Tobias Markmann
2014-10-06Fix own avatar in contact list header not updated on VCard edit.Tobias Markmann
2014-08-10Fix blocklist not being requested on reconnect.Richard Maudsley
2014-08-01Fix memory leaks reported by ASAN in some unit tests.Tobias Markmann
2014-07-29Fix renaming contact group makes blocked user appear to be unblocked.Richard Maudsley
2014-07-09Honour 'show offline contacts' toggle when exiting roster search filterRichard Maudsley
2014-07-07Fix other user avatars appearing in roster tooltip.Richard Maudsley
2014-07-07Show own tooltip when hovering over roster header.Richard Maudsley
2014-05-29Check if contact supports file transfer before sendingRichard Maudsley
2014-05-26Add QtFilterWidget, a general live-filtering composite widget for QtTreeWidgets.Tobias Markmann
2014-05-18Fix uninitialized variablesRemko Tronçon
2014-02-24Label fax numbers as fax and omit resources from JIDs in roster tooltipsRichard Maudsley
2013-12-18Add affiliations to tooltips for MUC occupant lists.Richard Maudsley
2013-12-08Enable domain-wise (un-)blocking.Tobias Markmann
2013-12-08Move all RosterItemOperations to Swift/Controllers/Roster/ItemOperations and ...Tobias Markmann
2013-12-08Convert Roster::setAvailableFeatures() and Roster::setBlockedState() to Roste...Tobias Markmann
2013-11-18Improve tooltips to include avatars, last seen and vcard information.Tobias Markmann
2013-05-17Fixed unicode path handling.Remko Tronçon
2013-03-27Adding support for Blocking Command (XEP-0191) to Swift(-en).Tobias Markmann
2013-03-09Show idle time as local time in the UI.Tobias Markmann
2013-03-04Qt5 support & warning fixes.Remko Tronçon
2013-03-04Adding support for idle time.Tobias Markmann