AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-01-09Accept certs with upper case entriesHEADmasterKevin Smith
2020-01-09Add copy/move ctors for JIDsKevin Smith
2019-11-19Remove std::endl from SWIFT_LOG callsEdwin Mons
2019-11-19Let handleNextEvent only handle a single eventEdwin Mons
2019-11-14Remove extra semicolonsTobias Markmann
2019-11-13Re-enable logging in OpenSSLContextEdwin Mons
2019-11-13Clear internal error state after cert chain parseTim Costen
2019-11-13Support application-supplied loggingEdwin Mons
2019-11-05Handle xmpp-server SRV recordsTim Costen
2019-10-30Bring StreamError enum to specEdwin Mons
2019-10-30Fix libxml2 crash on certain invalid inputEdwin Mons
2019-10-29Comment out logging callsTim Costen
2019-10-29Allow use of system TAs to be disabled via TLSOptionsTim Costen
2019-10-18Extend getPeerCertificateChainTim Costen
2019-10-18Return unique_ptr in PlatformIDNConverter::create()Tobias Markmann
2019-10-07Add ability to set external Trust Anchors to Swift OpenSSL contextTim Costen
2019-10-04Correct leaks in OpenSSL interfaceTim Costen
2019-10-03Treat numeric domain JID as invalidJoanna Hulboj
2019-09-25Remove duplicated argumentsJoanna Hulboj
2019-09-24Process attribute and element prefixesJoanna Hulboj
2019-09-19Add support for use of shared certificate chain when setting up TLS contextTim Costen
2019-09-17Fix casing of enums to avoid conflict on WindowsTobias Markmann
2019-09-16Close the stream for disallowed XML featuresJoanna Hulboj
2019-09-03Add enhanced OpenSSL configurationTim Costen
2019-07-22Signal namespace declarations to ParserClientsEdwin Mons
2019-05-28Add check if IPv4, IPv6 are valid JID domain partJoanna Hulboj
2019-05-13Add flag to signal final XML dataEdwin Mons
2019-02-07Split out attribute escape routineEdwin Mons
2019-01-22Avoid deprecated boost endianess includeMiroslaw Stein
2019-01-22Don't assume that tribool has an implicit bool conversionBruce Stephens
2019-01-21Make compatible with both Py2 and Py3Edwin Mons
2019-01-21Fix OpenSSLContext to work correctly with OpenSSL 1.1.1Tobias Markmann
2019-01-18Allow ownership transfer of certificatesEdwin Mons
2019-01-15Merge tag 'swift-4.x' into masterTobias Markmann
2019-01-14Add optional message to TLSErrorEdwin Mons
2019-01-07Don't crash on missing bookmark resultKevin Smith
2018-11-19Fix incorrect cast in OpenSSL providerEdwin Mons
2018-11-15Allow HostAddress(Port) to be used in a mapKevin Smith
2018-11-14Address bad_numeric_casts for filetransfersEdwin Mons
2018-11-14Remove numeric_casts from BOSH parserEdwin Mons
2018-11-14Address LinkLocal issuesEdwin Mons
2018-11-14Catch bad_numeric_casts in crypto codeEdwin Mons
2018-11-14Fix various uses of numeric_cast in UI bitsEdwin Mons
2018-11-14Fix Stanza Ack maximum and testsEdwin Mons
2018-11-13Update one forgotten port in BoostConnectionEdwin Mons
2018-11-09Remove numeric_casts from XML parsersEdwin Mons
2018-11-09Store NATPortMapping lifetime as uint32_tEdwin Mons
2018-11-08Handle RFC 1035 label and domain len restrictions in libidn backendTobias Markmann
2018-11-08Consistently use unsigned short for network portsEdwin Mons
2018-10-25Strip off trailing dot from domainpart of jidEdwin Mons