AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-05-07Replace boost::lambda with C++11 lambdasTobias Markmann
2016-11-23Migrate remaining Swiften/Base/foreach.h use to range-based for loopTobias Markmann
2016-10-21Fix data-race in DummyEventLoop::processEvents()Tobias Markmann
2016-09-29Fix uninitialised class membersTobias Markmann
2016-07-27Fix Doxygen warningsTobias Markmann
2016-04-25Convert hard tabs to four spaces in all our SConscript/*.py filesTobias Markmann
2016-04-12Use C++11 threading library instead of Boost.ThreadTobias Markmann
2016-04-04Modernize code to use C++11 shared_ptr instead of Boost'sTobias Markmann
2016-03-31Convert tabs to 4 spaces for all source filesTobias Markmann
2016-03-30Apply consistent #include grouping and sorting styleTobias Markmann
2016-02-29Add workaround for building with Boost 1.60 as C++11Tobias Markmann
2016-01-25Prevent recursive processing of event queue in EventLoopTobias Markmann
2015-12-17Fix misspelled method callTobias Markmann
2015-12-17Process multiple events at once inside EventLoopTobias Markmann
2015-12-17Add event loop for integration in Boost ASIOKevin Smith
2015-11-19Redesign event loops to be thread-safe and deterministicTobias Markmann
2015-02-09Fix data race in DummyEventLoop and BoostConnection(Server)Test reported by TSANTobias Markmann
2015-02-03Stlye fix and declaring EventLoop implementations' dtors as virtual.Tobias Markmann
2014-12-15Update Copyright in SwiftenKevin Smith
2014-11-17Compile Cocoa event loop in xcode tooKevin Smith
2014-10-01Port many of Isode's local fixes upstreamKevin Smith
2013-09-08Use (deprecated) declaration of ivars in interfaceRemko Tronçon
2013-08-16Fix double includes in EventLoop.Remko Tronçon
2013-08-16Merge branch 'swift-2.x'Remko Tronçon
2013-08-16Added missing lock_guard include.Remko Tronçon
2013-08-15Getting rid of "-Wobjc-interface-ivars" warnings from clang.Tobias Markmann
2013-08-13Adding basic support for Android and Unbound (No IPv6 yet).Tobias Markmann
2013-02-12Include boost::lock_guard include.Remko Tronçon
2012-12-30Enable & fix pedantic CLang warnings.Remko Tronçon
2012-12-23Replace functors and for loops by boost::lambdas.Remko Tronçon
2012-11-12Use more efficient empty check.Remko Tronçon
2012-07-14Initial DLL support for Swiften.Remko Tronçon
2011-11-03* Added Schannel support.dreijer
2011-10-05Don't crash with label item without a labelKevin Smith
2011-06-13Added CppCheck script.Remko Tronçon
2011-06-13Fixed some CppCheck warnings.Remko Tronçon
2011-04-30Replace #icnlude "" by #include <> in Swiften.Remko Tronçon
2011-04-18Assert on empty event in event loop.Remko Tronçon
2011-04-18Cleaned up includes.swift-2.0alphaRemko Tronçon
2011-03-28Catch all exceptions in event loop.Remko Tronçon
2011-03-16Added possibility to dynamically link Swiften.Remko Tronçon
2011-02-27Temporarily disabling SimpleEventLoopTest::testRun.Remko Tronçon
2011-02-26Some more cleanups.Remko Tronçon
2011-02-24Added debugging switch to Sluift.Remko Tronçon
2011-02-15Moved QtEventLoop to the Swift namespace.Remko Tronçon
2011-01-22Some small event loop tweaks.Remko Tronçon
2011-01-21Code cleanup.Remko Tronçon
2011-01-18Cleaned up some code.Remko Tronçon
2010-12-27Added event debugging methods.Remko Tronçon
2010-12-27Fixed valgrind warnings & leaks.Remko Tronçon