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2019-11-19Remove std::endl from SWIFT_LOG callsEdwin Mons
The std::endl is now added by ~Log, but only for output to stderr or a log file. Calls to the Android logging system or manually set callbacks will not include the newline in the logging output. JIRA: SWIFT-430 Test-Information: Unit tests pass on Debian 9 Checked that running Swift with logging to stderr still had a newline. Change-Id: I096fdba78a3b8f87db2097951c28c528592183e8
2019-11-14Remove extra semicolonsTobias Markmann
clang-trunk complained about them and ideally Swift would build without warnings. Test-Information: Builds find and tests pass. Change-Id: I1896befef0e65a980cc22f402e126aec8b56e71f
2017-05-05Fix SendFile example heap-use-after-freeThanos Doukoudakis
This fixes the crash by moving Swift::Client to a unique_ptr. By specifying the order the objects will be destructed, we avoid accessing the Socks5ByteStreamProxiesManager instance after it has been destroyed. Also there is no need reset the outgoingFileTransfer pointer. Test Information: Use the SendFile example to send a file to a user connected with Swift. Change-Id: I0462dc60c1d4d5eb3b07516c6e609bbe70954039
2016-11-23Migrate remaining Swiften/Base/foreach.h use to range-based for loopTobias Markmann
Test-Information: Build on macOS 10.12.1 and all tests pass. Change-Id: Iedaa3fa7e7672c77909fd0568bf30e9393cb87e0
2016-04-25Convert hard tabs to four spaces in all our SConscript/*.py filesTobias Markmann
Test-Information: Test that it still builds and unit test pass on OS X 10.11.4. Change-Id: I2eb4a0b707991aee553db36a8cd1ae28b813acab
2016-04-12Use C++11 threading library instead of Boost.ThreadTobias Markmann
This cuts down our dependency on Boost further. Another benefit is that mutex classes of C++11 standard library are recognized by TSAN. Test-Information: Unit and integration tests pass on OS X 10.11.4. Change-Id: Id4dcdb42e3d5155e107ce1d7618acbf26f913b6f
2016-04-05Migrate to Boost.Signals2 from Boost.SignalsTobias Markmann
Boost.Signals was deprecated and is not improved further. This patch removes Boost.Signals from 3rdParty and adds Boost.Signals2 and its dependencies. Also removed the Qt signals compatibility file Swiften/Base/boost_bsignals.h. Test-Information: Build and ran unit tests on OS X 10.11.4. Confirmed successful login using Swift client. Change-Id: Ie6e3b2d15aac2462cda95401582f5287a479fb54
2016-04-04Modernize code to use range based for loops using clang-tidyTobias Markmann
Run 'clang-tidy -fix -checks=modernize-loop-convert' on all source code files on OS X. This does not modernize platform specific code on Linux and Windows Test-Information: Code builds and unit tests pass on OS X 10.11.4. Change-Id: I65b99e0978cfab8ca6de2a3e5342e7a81416c12c
2016-04-04Modernize code to use C++11 shared_ptr instead of Boost'sTobias Markmann
This change was done by applying the following 'gsed' replacement calls to all source files: 's/\#include <boost\/shared_ptr\.hpp>/\#include <memory>/g' 's/\#include <boost\/enable_shared_from_this\.hpp>/\#include <memory>/g' 's/\#include <boost\/smart_ptr\/make_shared\.hpp>/\#include <memory>/g' 's/\#include <boost\/make_shared\.hpp>/\#include <memory>/g' 's/\#include <boost\/weak_ptr\.hpp>/\#include <memory>/g' 's/boost::make_shared/std::make_shared/g' 's/boost::dynamic_pointer_cast/std::dynamic_pointer_cast/g' 's/boost::shared_ptr/std::shared_ptr/g' 's/boost::weak_ptr/std::weak_ptr/g' 's/boost::enable_shared_from_this/std::enable_shared_from_this/g' The remaining issues have been fixed manually. Test-Information: Code builds on OS X 10.11.4 and unit tests pass. Change-Id: Ia7ae34eab869fb9ad6387a1348426b71ae4acd5f
2016-04-01Modernize code to use C++11 nullptr using clang-tidyTobias Markmann
Run 'clang-tidy -fix -checks=modernize-use-nullptr' on all source code files on OS X. This does not modernize platform specific code on Linux and Windows Test-Information: Code builds and unit tests pass on OS X 10.11.4. Change-Id: Ic43ffeb1b76c1a933a55af03db3c54977f5f60dd
2016-03-31Convert tabs to 4 spaces for all source filesTobias Markmann
Removed trailing spaces and whitespace on empty lines in the process. Changed tool to disallow hard tabs in source files. Test-Information: Manually checked 30 random files that the conversion worked as expected. Change-Id: I874f99d617bd3d2bb55f02d58f22f58f9b094480
2016-03-30Apply consistent #include grouping and sorting styleTobias Markmann
Changed "" style includes to <> style. Test-Information: Build with Clang 3.9.0 and ran all tests on OS X 10.11.4. Change-Id: Ic05e53f2e5dba39cc1307b116fc5f17b62ab9eb8
2016-02-02Change stanza body to boost::optional<std::string> typeTobias Markmann
Changed MUCController to only handle message stanzas as subject change if <subject/> is present and neither <body/> nor <thread/> is present in the message stanza. Test-Information: Added unit tests verifying behavior described in XEP-0045 section 8.1. Unit tests pass on OS X 10.11.2. Change-Id: I1d22272da1675176be131ab360b214a98f20533f
2015-10-14Remove remains of OutgoingSIFileTransferTobias Markmann
This existing code was commented out. There are not tests for it and no counterpart for incoming transfers. We support Jingle-based file-transfers as the main file-transfer method, as do lots of other clients. Test-Informations: Tested the complete project still builds. Change-Id: Icf278165733fe481b4e2bc777a73bc420cf76398
2015-02-03Cleaning up SendFile example.Tobias Markmann
Update SendFile.cpp to recent Jingle file-transfer changes and clean up old code. Test-Information: Verified that a file-transfer between SendFile and ReceiveFile examples works. Change-Id: I342cfa2f4949ffcc1e227e6ebdd10de84e5d6a8a
2014-12-18Refactoring: Rename roomNr -> roomCount.Tobias Markmann
Test-Information: Builds on OS X 10.9.5. Change-Id: I53498fabfabb969c907bf95ff89e19952572115e
2014-12-18Add example showing how to login, list rooms at a MUC service, join theTobias Markmann
first result and show incoming messages. Test-Information: Tested on OS X 10.9.5 with a Prosody MUC service. Change-Id: If64e80bf4fc70366fabb3fd86d6da67a6f307280
2014-12-15Update Copyright in SwiftenKevin Smith
Change-Id: I94ab4bbb68c603fe872abeb8090575de042f5cb4
2014-09-16Fix boost::optional abuses that stop compilation with latest boostKevin Smith
Test-Information: Compiles and unit tests pass with boost 1.56 Change-Id: I6525399babc5f6c88fb499af80e9f07c1c4d0cdb
2014-04-28Create ToplevelElement to replace Element.Richard Maudsley
Change-Id: I3460f6f4a2ffa9b795080664f49d9138440de72d
2013-05-17Fixed unicode path handling.Remko Tronçon
- Use boost::filesystem::path consistently for referring to files. - Use boost::filesystem streams for I/O, such that paths are always handled correctly. - Use stringToPath and pathToString for conversion between strings and boost::filesystem::path, to ensure we have consistent unicode handling across platforms and environments. The default constructor and string conversion uses platform-dependent encoding, depending on the global locale set in the application, which causes problems. So, unless you are in platform dependent code, the default constructor and string() function should not be used. When constructing paths from other paths (e.g. using operator/), also use stringToPath (instead of string arguments) if the path can contain unicode characters. Change-Id: If286bd9e71c8414afc0b24ba67e26ab7608ef6ea
2013-05-11File Transfer refactoring.Remko Tronçon
Allocate S5B server lazily. Forward forts lazily. Various state machine fixes. Temporarily disabling S5B proxy support. Change-Id: I3145e85a99b15a7e457306bbfbe9c0eb570191e4
2013-04-27Removing third-party hash implementations.Remko Tronçon
Using library/platform implementation instead. Change-Id: I2457c2dad80e6fdda023a7f31c3906ff10fe09ed
2013-04-12File Transfer refactoring.Remko Tronçon
Rename run() to start(), and provide stop() placeholder. Change-Id: I44257a0fca89c9345054a5d6fa3c1b4768995081
2013-02-05Make logging thread-safe.Remko Tronçon
Change-Id: Ifab368474bd9e42e10f2cb0c29ff696c0aeaf3ea
2013-01-13Fix more warnings.Remko Tronçon
Fix sign conversion warnings. Removing heavy unnecessary includes. Change-Id: I992f43065498823098a875badb020c7c84fc4797
2012-12-31Fix more warnings.Remko Tronçon
Change-Id: I0fc27a08adb6aecd5c5775a52b7fe48570ed526a
2012-12-30Enable & fix pedantic CLang warnings.Remko Tronçon
Change-Id: I70109624b4bd7aab9ba679a3eaabc225dd64a03a
2012-12-22Replace MergeFlags calls by UseFlags calls.Remko Tronçon
Change-Id: If7193006987fd86d102e5e17aac426ef1a6ccd83
2012-06-17Remove some unused private variables.Remko Tronçon
2012-06-17Allow different connection methods for Client.Remko Tronçon
2012-06-05Added ICU support.Remko Tronçon
2012-03-20boost::shared_ptr<?>(new ?(...)) -> boost::make_shared<?>(...) ↵Tobias Markmann
transformation where possible. License: This patch is BSD-licensed, see
2011-10-07Hoist XML parser factory creation out of Swiften.Remko Tronçon
2011-10-05Fixed compilation of neetwork tool.Remko Tronçon
2011-09-30Fixed some Windows issues with FT.Remko Tronçon
2011-09-29Conditionally create NetworkTool.Remko Tronçon
2011-09-29File Transfer refactoring.Remko Tronçon
NAT traversal classes refactoring. Added beginnings of a NetworkTool.
2011-09-25Google Summer of Code 2011 Project: Adding support for Jingle File Transfers ↵Tobias Markmann
(XEP-0234), Jingle SOCKS5 Bytestreams Transport Method (XEP-0260), Jingle In-Band Bytestreams Transport Method (XEP-0261) and SOCKS5 Bytestreams (XEP-0065). License: This patch is BSD-licensed, see
2011-06-24Fixed connectivitytest compilation.Remko Tronçon
2011-06-03Limit the use of the SafeString type.Remko Tronçon
2011-05-07Make the examples ConnectivityTest, SendFile and SendMessage use the ↵Thilo Cestonaro
SWIFTEN_DEP_FLAGS. License: This patch is BSD-licensed, see Signed-off-by: Remko Tronçon <>
2011-04-30Replace #icnlude "" by #include <> in Swiften.Remko Tronçon
2011-04-18Jingle refactoring.Remko Tronçon
2011-04-18Cleaned up includes.swift-2.0alphaRemko Tronçon
2011-02-14Removed Swift::String.Remko Tronçon
2011-02-02Removing unused parameter from Client constructor.Remko Tronçon
2011-01-29Added some experimental Jingle classes.Remko Tronçon
2011-01-26Make boost io_service a shared object.Remko Tronçon
This should avoid problems when destroying an event loop containing timer or network events, after the network factory (and io_service object) has disappeared (i.e. at shutdown).
2010-12-19Disabling timer in BenchTool.Remko Tronçon