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Update Swift and Swiften changelog for upcoming 4.0 releaseswift-4.0
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+4.0 (2017-03-20)
+- Moved code-base to C++11
+ - Use C++11 threading instead of Boost.Thread library
+ - Use C++11 smart pointers instead of Boost's
+- Migrated from Boost.Signals to Boost.Signals2
+- Build without warnings on our CI platforms
+- General cleanup like remove of superflous files and #include statements. This means header files that previously were included implictly need to be explicitly included now
+- Support IPv6 addresses in URLs
+- Handle sessions being closed by the server
+- Verify certificates when using HTTPS in BOSH connections
+- In memory caching of latest entity capabilites lookups
+- Changed source code style to use soft tabs (4 spaces wide) instead of hard tabs. Custom patches for Swiften will need to be reformatted accordingly
+- Require a TLS backend for building
+- Update 3rdParty/lcov to version 1.12
+- Fix several possible race conditions, smaller leaks, and other small bugs
4.0-rc1 ( 2017-05-17 )
- Handle sessions being closed by the server