Need Help?

From free community-based resources to commercial support contracts, a wide range of support options are available to help you get the most out of Swift, Swiften or Stroke.

Our Community

There's an active community of Swift, Swiften and Stroke users who are often happy to help with reasonable support requests. You can participate in the community by joining the Swift chatroom at


The Swiften Developer's Guide is a tutorial-style introduction to building XMPP applications with Swiften. As Stroke shares a design with Swiften, this guide is also useful for Stroke users. The API Reference Guide is a full reference of the public classes offered by Swiften.

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Commercial Support

Commercial support contracts for all of the Swift family of products, as well as commercial licenses for Swiften and Stroke, are available from Isode, a UK-based software house specialising in messaging and directory server software. Swift is part of Isode's XMPP product set, which includes the M-Link XMPP Server.