Google Summer of Code 2012

It’s that time of year again: Google announced which students they are going to sponsor for contributing to open source projects. This year, we have the pleasure of welcoming 3 students at Swift, who will be working on some very exciting projects.

This summer, you’ll see the following new faces hanging around the Swift room:

  • Cătălin Badea will finally bring us the long awaited “Conversation History” support, using the newly minted Message Archive Management XEP
  • Mateusz Piękos will be adding shared whiteboarding functionality
  • Yoann Blein is going to implement screen sharing using Jingle

Since Kevin and I could only mentor Cătălin and Mateusz, and we really wanted to have Yoann join us as well, we decided to bring in some extra help this year. Tobias, who not only has participated in GSoC 4 times as a student, but also is a top Swift contributor, and authored practically all of the Swift Jingle code during GSoC last year, will be mentoring Yoann in the screen sharing project.

As you can see: great times ahead!

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