Swift 3.0-beta1 Released

We’ve just released a Swift 3.0 beta. A full list of new features is available on the download page, but highlights include file transfer support, keyword highlighting, nuisance user blocking and seamless multi-person chats. We encourage everyone to get the new build and try it out, and tell us about any bugs they should come across as we […]

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Keyword Highlighting Support

One of the interesting new features in the upcoming Swift 3.0 release is support for “keyword highlighting”. This allows users to setup Swift such that it’ll alert them to activity that matches their configured highlighting rules. This is particularly useful where a user wants to be alerted when particular discussion topics, or keywords, are mentioned […]

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Swift and Isode

Having been working on this behind the scenes for a while, we’ve got some good news. After years of quietly supporting Swift, Isode are now taking Swift formally into their product set. This means more developers working on Swift and the opportunity for more rapid development and advancement of the projects. In practical terms, we think the […]

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Sluift Interactive Console

Sluift, our Swiften-based XMPP script tool, comes with an interactive mode that lets you type your commands directly in a console. Until now, this console was actually the standard one that comes with the Lua distribution, a very bare bones “REPL” loop. However, we recently replaced this simple implementation with our own, which allowed us […]

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Swift 2.0 Released

Just in time for a 2012 release: Swift 2.0 is out! This new stable release has many enhancements and bugfixes, so head over to the Release Notes page to find out what’s new. Happy New Year!

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Swift 2.0 Release Candidate Released

That’s right, we’re almost there: we just put up the release candidate of Swift 2.0. If no critical bugs are reported, this will become the final release. As always, we encourage everyone to get the new build and try it out, and tell us about any bugs they should come across.

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Swift 2.0-beta2 Released

We have just released the second (and final) Swift 2.0 beta. Apart from several bugfixes, highlights include the possibility to set custom connection options, getting detailed information about certificates upon connection errors, and improved room invitations. We encourage everyone to get the new build and try it out, and tell us about any bugs they should come across.

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Swift Hackathon Roundup

Last sunday, we finished our week-long Swift Hackathon, and it was a great success, leading to Swift 2.0-beta1! Here’s a list of the things we achieved during that week. First of all, the goal of the week was to find and fix as many bugs as possible. This is what our ’hackathon bug count dials’ were displaying […]

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Swift 2.0-beta1 Released

After another year of development, we’re happy to announce that we released our first Swift 2.0 beta! We encourage everyone who is interested in helping us with testing to try out this new release, as it has many bugfixes and enhancements release notes for more details. Thanks to the hackathon week (of which details will be posted shortly), […]

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Swift Hackathon Update

We’re just halfway through our Swift Hackathon, so we thought we’d update you about the progress we’ve made so far. In fact, a screenshot of our live hackathon week bug counter sums this up quite well: That’s right: in merely a couple of days, we managed to fix 50 (more than half!) of the open bugs, […]

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