Google Summer of Code 2012

It’s that time of year again: Google announced which students they are going to sponsor for contributing to open source projects. This year, we have the pleasure of welcoming 3 students at Swift, who will be working on some very exciting projects. This summer, you’ll see the following new faces hanging around the Swift room: Cătălin Badea […]

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Swift Hackathon

All the cool kids are doing it, and so are we: starting Monday April 23rd, we’re holding a week long Swift hackathon! We will be focusing for a whole week on bugfixes, and at the end of that week release the first beta of Swift 2.0, the next major Swift release. Everyone is invited to […]

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Experimental File Transfer support hits Swift

It’s been a busy summer for Tobias Markmann, one of the XMPP Standards Foundation’s 2011 Google Summer of Code students. He has been working on implementing File Transfer support for Swift, using the fresh Jingle XMPP protocols. I’m happy to announce that we integrated Tobias’s work as an experimental feature into the main Swift branch, where it will be further […]

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Summer of Swift Code 2011

Yesterday, Google announced the 1116 students that were accepted for this year’s edition of the Google Summer of Code, 5 of which will be working with the XMPP Standards Foundation. We’re very happy to welcome both Tobias Markmann and Vlad Voicu, who will be working full-time on Swift this summer, implementing file transfer support and conversation history respectively. We […]

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Swift 1.0 Released

Finally! After 2 years of development, we’re happy to finally announce the first full release of the Swift IM client! In this first release, we have focused on building a user-friendly messaging client, with all the basic features you would typically need for having real-time conversations. In future versions (which are already in the works as we […]

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Swift Translators Wanted

Now that the final Swift beta has been released, it’s time to start translating Swift in as many languages as possible! Thanks to a handful of early translators, we’ve been able to iron out (hopefully) the last translation issues from beta9, and we have Dutch, Polish, French, German, Norwegian, Czech, Slovak, Spanish, and Catalan translations in the […]

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Swiften on Lambdas

One of the cool new features of the upcoming C++ (0x) standard is support for lambda expressions, providing functional-style inline function declarations. After seeing Herb Sutter’s PDC 2010 webcast on lambdas, I wanted to try this out on Swiften, the XMPP library behind Swift. I adapted the introductory EchoBot example from XMPP: The Definitive Guide, and ported it from Python to a […]

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Swiften Developers Guide available

People have recently been showing interest in using Swiften, Swift’s C++ XMPP library, for building their own XMPP applications. We therefore created the Swiften Developer’s Guide with a tutorial-style guide to Swiften (including examples), and made it available together with the Swiften API Documentation. If you’re interested in creating an XMPP client or component, be sure to give these documents […]

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Swift 1.0-beta8 released

We just released the next Swift beta, beta8. The major focus of this release was fix some crashes, problems, and papercuts from the previous beta(s). For a full list of changes, see the Swift 1.0beta8 release page. The list of outstanding cases is getting shorter and shorter, so this will hopefully be one of the last few […]

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Swift 1.0-beta6 released

It’s been a while since we released the previous Swift beta. As a result, the sixth beta is quite packed with bugfixes, speedups, and general improvements. The list of changes is too long to describe here, so head on over to for details and downloads of the last Swift beta, and let us know what you […]

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