BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterFix building with OpenSSL on WindowsTobias Markmann3 days
sandbox/rm/highlighteditorFix to MUC/Chat flag in Hightlight Rules.Richard Maudsley4 years
swift-1.xFixed roster sender check.Remko Tronçon6 years
swift-2.xUpdate Hebrew translationRemko Tronçon4 years
swift-3.xAdd missing dependency for Debian unstable/sid in control.inTobias Markmann16 months
swift-4.xUpdate Swift change log due to changes since last RCTobias Markmann11 days
TagDownloadAuthorAge  swift-4.0rc6.tar.bz2  Tobias Markmann11 days  swift-4.0rc5.tar.bz2  Tobias Markmann2 months  swift-4.0rc4.tar.bz2  Tobias Markmann2 months  swift-4.0rc3.tar.bz2  Tobias Markmann4 months  swift-5.0alpha.tar.bz2  Kevin Smith8 months  swift-4.0rc2.tar.bz2  Tobias Markmann10 months  swift-4.0rc1.tar.bz2  Tobias Markmann10 months  swift-4.0beta2.tar.bz2  Kevin Smith20 months  swift-4.0beta1.tar.bz2  Kevin Smith20 months  swift-4.0alpha.tar.bz2  Tobias Markmann2 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
3 daysFix building with OpenSSL on WindowsHEADmasterTobias Markmann
4 daysTiny fix adding #ifdef to call to logMessage()Peter Burgess
5 daysEnable per user installations on WindowsThanos Doukoudakis
5 daysAbility to set Diffie-Hellman parameters for OpenSSLContextTobias Markmann
5 daysAdd getPeerFinishMessage() method and OpenSSL TLS backendTobias Markmann
2018-02-27Divide differently marked msgs and elide msgs matching roomPeter Burgess
2018-02-22Request and display security markings for MUC chat windowsPeter Burgess
2018-02-21Add support for Server Name Indication to OpenSSLContextTobias Markmann
2018-02-21Add a Sluift example of sending a custom reference payloadEdwin Mons
2018-02-02Add basic TLS server support in OpenTLSContextTobias Markmann