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authorThanos Doukoudakis <>2017-03-22 12:44:15 (GMT)
committerKevin Smith <>2017-04-10 11:07:34 (GMT)
commitde89a73ff9c7575323cb61e358e8e3c8274214e4 (patch)
parentebd98c32281e2c2689480357f7e8ce6084e16384 (diff)
Make the default chat view font to render thicker on Windows
Added a font-weight property on the body style to enhance the default font weight (400) only on Windows, in order to improve the look of the chat view. If the font-weight is being defined in any other styles rules with higher priority, this default value will be overwritten. Test-Information: Tested with with windows 10 (qt5.4.2), Windows 10 (qt5.7), Ubuntu 16.04.2 (qt5.5) Change-Id: Iafd969cff487a907d136b9d2d8b393a90681216f
1 files changed, 8 insertions, 0 deletions
diff --git a/Swift/QtUI/QtWebKitChatView.cpp b/Swift/QtUI/QtWebKitChatView.cpp
index 290bd59..16d31e3 100644
--- a/Swift/QtUI/QtWebKitChatView.cpp
+++ b/Swift/QtUI/QtWebKitChatView.cpp
@@ -354,6 +354,14 @@ void QtWebKitChatView::resetView() {
webView_->setZoomFactor(QApplication::desktop()->screen()->logicalDpiX() / 96.0);
body.setStyleProperty("font-size", QString("%1pt").arg(QApplication::font().pointSize()));
+#ifdef Q_OS_WIN
+ // Fix for Swift-162
+ // Changing the font weight for windows in order for the fonts to display better.
+ // In the future, when we enable dpiawareness on windows, this can be reverted.
+ body.setStyleProperty("font-weight", QString("500"));
+#endif // Q_OS_WIN
static QWebElement findElementWithID(QWebElement document, QString elementName, QString id) {